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free avatar making

Authorfree avatar making
for all heroes (lords & Ladies)

i make avatar free for all

welcome to my friends zone


God is Great
[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // As requested]
can you make one for me ??
Well I would like to have one :)
[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // As requested]
If you have time and the offer is still valid, i can use my current avatar with red glowing eyes slowly fading on and off. You are the best nevertheless!
i maked

soon i made free animated avatar

currently i am busy in sister marriage
God is Great i want an avatar!
can i have an avatar too please? :)
i shall surely assist ur army with my loyal army _|_
Get free avatars from this site:- yourownavatar.com
It is the same site god is great gets his form
i did the same look at my avatar :)
so much loans and a lot of money lost in roulette
maybe people could pay you something if they like the avatars that you give them.
Hellos mr gods are gr8. your avatrs are very very awesome. i am truly much a fan. can you please makes me a free avatar? i begs you with all my hearts. thnks alot :)
-Puny human

PS: would you plz join my friendzones too? Thnx in advnced
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