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Our dear reverend Henry Stones
Would reduce a maiden to moans
Because of his knowledge
Acquired in college
Of nineteen erogenous zones.

(benefits of a college education)

There was a Turk named Haroun
Who ate whisky by the means of a spoon
When people asked why
He made this reply
"To drink is forbidden, you loon."
A young handsome cyborg named Ace
Wooed women at every base.
But once ladies glanced at
His special enhancement...
...They vanished with nary a trace.

(c) "Alpha Centauri" PC game, by Sid Meier and "Firaxis Games"
[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // As requested]
Barbarian nights
Like barbarian days
They'll throw you a rock
Or send you their roc
In a lot of good ways

Barbarian nights
With barbarian wolves
A fool brings his guard
Could get triple attacked
or could taste his boar hoofs

From arabian nights

PS: delete post 5, I fixed it so that it can be sang properly :P
Lovely ones.. Some more

Our dear Bipin was a mashtra
In the art of Kama shashtra
Where ten thousand virgins
Succumbed to his urgin's
We have the state of Maharashtra
There was a fellow in Grime
Who married three wives at a time
When folks asked,"Why the third?"
He said, "One's absurd
And bigamy, sir, is a crime."
There was a pastor in Kew
Who kept a tomcat on his pew
He taught it to speak
Alphabetical Greek
but it never got farther than mu.
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