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Quite Awakening (writers note)


AuthorQuite Awakening (writers note)
Introducing the writer

I don't have any training in writing. I've been told my style is like that of a movie scripted comic book.

Now to the story...
"Ugh..." a pitiful figure stirs in a random ally trying to get his bearings... or at least open his eyes to see where the hell he is this time.

One hand over his head while the other extends to regain his balance, "Damn it! Why does it always gotta be so bright?!" he says in a mumbled jibberish all his own.

"Wha...?", red, all he sees is red.

He places his left hand on the wall, it feels wet but its not the wall. He almost already knows... it happened again.

"I...can't remember," as his vision focuses he sees his blood soaked hands,"hmmm, so it happened again."
Sure its comical
Somewhere in the back alley of a restaurant...

A man is wailing,"Ahhhhgh!...no, no, noooOOOOO!!"

Just a few moments before that...

It is the start of the afternoon. A Holy knight is enjoying some salad, bread and blessed wine with his men after defeating a Antichrists Monster assigned to them from the Mercenary Guild.

This particular afternoon the sun is shining down especially bright as if to testify to today's victory. Suddenly, all walks of life were scuttering about like killer bees responding to an intruder.

The Holy Knights jaw drops for a fraction of a second as he sees a dwarf running past the restaurants doors. "Wha...dwarves don't run unless there is money or.......a fight."


In the story there is an un-named restaurant.

Do you want to name it?

If so write it here. There is 2 days allowed for a name after which if there is more than one name suggested then afterwards for 24 hours there will be votes held to see what it will indeed be...

Note...racist and/or sexually innappropriate things of that nature will not be accepted nor tolerated. Period!
Please mind forum rules when adding stories:

"2.3. (...) It is forbidden to decorate/emphasize a topic header and message with symbols, punctuation marks, capitalization abuse.

4.2.1. Using long strings in thread title and message is forbidden. Long string is a word/symbol group with a repetition of same letters, numbers or symbols designed to make it long enough for extra eye-catching, or express the tone of the message. Up to three repetitive/redundant letters, numbers or symbols are allowed in every word or symbol group."

So not allowed to put full sencentes in capital letters and repeat same letter/symmbol more than 3 times. 'Nooo!' (3x 'o') is ok but no more than that :)
TITLE- Hunger street!
A very long time ago I wrote a story and introduced a tavern called "The Stinking Hole". You might want to reuse that name. Unless your restaurant is more of a classy place only appropriate for knights and nobles. The Stinking Hole got the other kind of guests...
How about
Rotten Rat Tavern? - for a bad resturant
Full Belly Inn - for quite good place to eat and stay
You can call it the Epitome of Glory
Thank you all for your feed back.

All names have been considered, and all have been accepted, however, some will be used later.

So just keep reading and again, thank you.

Break from story done.

NEXT on Quite Awakening;

The Dirty Brawl Behind Full Belly Inn!
How could we all have missed out Uncle Modi's Tavern? :)
A crowd of about twenty or so have gathered around a tanned man in tattered clothes in the back alley of Full Belly Inn. From the looks (and smell) of him, it looked as if he had slept in the trash. Around him flies were abuzz as he swatted about almost as madly as he spoke his jibberish.

No one could really make out what he said except for the occasional "Why!" and "Nooo!". No one really wanted to get to close either as it smelled of vile and sulpher the closer one got towards him. Though the dwarf didn't mind it as much.

In the background a holy knight with a few of his men began to inquire of the situation. They received no worthy information as they slowly made their way to the dwarf in the front.

"What say you dwarf?"

The dwarf looks up at the holy knight and then fixes his gaze back at the man,"I didn't say anything."

The knight looks at him with annoyance. Clutching his hand over his nose the knight attempts to listen to the ramblings of the vagrant. Out loud he wonders to himself what the blazes was that man saying.

"He's saying he killed again and a whole buncha nooo's and whyy's." said the dwarf.

The knight asks how could he understand him.

"Simple, I drink a lot." replies the dwarf. No sooner than that the rantings of the apparent lunatic stopped with his fist raised to the sky.
He has been silent with his fist up in the air for some time now. It feels as if an eternity has passed. A shameful realization to his lips stopped his madness. Suddenly he has become incredibly coherent, or...sober. He can't remember if he was ever drunk to be sober now. Either way, for the scene he has caused he's just glad no one was around to witness it. He lowers his clenched fist...

...and then he turns around. 0.0 - doh!

In his mind he thinks to himself [this isn't happening, this isn't happening, ohh my god I can't believe this is happening!!]. He wishes he could walk in the opposite direction but the alley is a dead end with the only other way being Full Belly Inn's backdoor.

[that's it] he thinks and rushes towards the door, "Damn it!" he yells.

Dwarf "And now he said, Damn it!" still acting as a narrator, the holy knight responds ;/ "Even the people in the back heard that!"

The dwarf stabs two short swords into the ground to step onto the hilts so as to be closer to the holy knights face and yells back "Well ya don't havta take me head off! I was just tryin ta be considerate!"

The holy knight draws his sword out,"Well... thank you then!" he replies loudly and then with a louder more serious tone turns his sword towards the wall where the lunatic was attempting to make a quite escape while all eyes were on the arguing knight and dwarf,"But you!...with your pungent smell, did you really think you could sneak past me?!"

Lunatic "Well...I was hoping. Hey! I don't smell that bad!" :( and then he sniffs himself >,< "oh ewww*"

The crowd laughs in disbelief. He passed out from his own smell.

"Ok men, ummm, you pick him up and take him to the local jail." the holy knight says as his men groan under their breathes.

soldier,"this is so gross!"
After wrapping their hands and noses the men carry the vagrant off.

"My apologies for my shortness...ehh, I mean quick temper with you dwarf. As a witness I would like for you to give your account on this to the officials."

"No way!" says the dwarf, "I am not a snitch!" he declares.

"How about we discuss it over some blessed wine?" suggests holy knight and without a moments hesitation "Agreed!" responds the dwarf.

In the distance, an unnoticed figure draped in a Cape of Spirits watches and whispers "Awaken."
In the distance, an unnoticed shadow draped in a Cape of Spirits watches.

[How pathetic] he thinks. He watches a vagrant being carried off in a most unfashionable way. [To think he was trained by Him! How could he...]. The shadow's thoughts are interrupted...

"Now!" is the word that rings in the shadows ears.

[Yes my Lord] the caped shadow responds in his head.

The figure sends out his thoughts[Can you hear me?]

[Yes, nngh, but who am I hearing?] says the man being carried away

[For now, you may call me Cape. Do you remember your name?]

[Remember...my..name? I've been called alot of things today..but most of all, vagrant, well...at least the nicest thing I've been called today]

[Well then, for now, I'll call you Vagrant. So...],"Awaken." whispers Cape.
Time out from story!

Inter-active engage;

asking for names for following characters:

Dwarf and Holy Knight of the story. Please try and come up with names that suit the characteristics of them from what you have read so far.

Just in case:

Summary of Dwarf; a fun loving, sarcastic and undesisive most of the times treasure hunter. He is money loving but loves beer more. Knows more than he lets on.

Summary of Holy knight; a lord from the old empire seeking to make a name for himself in the new world. Loyal to a fault. His only downfall being how easily he is angered.
Vagrant [I've been awake. Its only because of that stupid door being locked and then being spotted by that holier than thou I pretended to pass out from my own smell. Those fools! I just wanted to get past that annoying holy knight and now its time to do...]

Three knights were carrying Vagrant around past the front of Full Belly Inn. Two holding an arm a piece looking fowards and the third holding his legs. After going past most of the crowd who were now starting to disperse he did...

[...this!] Vagrant finished with his telepathic communication with someone unknown to him by the name of Cape.

"Decay!" he yells casting it onto the knight holding his feet. The knight keels over in pain dropping his half of Vagrant. As soon as Vagrant's feet touches the ground he flexes his arms for leverage, which slightly stops the two front knights to kick his legs up and to the back of their heads knocking them both unconscious.

Vagrant lands on his feet and mocks the fallen knights, "Ya fools! Ya fools!! Did ya really think you could catch the great...[damnit! forgot my name]...uh...ME!"

Overhead a griffon screeches while landing on top of Full Belly Inn with a figure riding on it.

Holy Knight "Yes, yes I do."

Vagrant "Ahh crap!"
Well I've stalled for as long as my lazy butt could (which trust me isn't too hard)

However, names if you all want to put something to contribute to this story and add your own touch to this please pm.

If not its all good I already have names, just seeing whats good out there.

Story to start soon...
The vagrant wakes even though never truly asleep.

Vagrant "Yeah...I know...its THAT time!"

Suddenly the angels grip loosened.

They were described as men but were indeed angels hidden as men.

This vagrant is a man who has a forgotten one inside of him.

For lack of a better name,The Forgotten,it desperately clings on to life with its powers of death thru life.

What an oxymoron.

Light...so distant now.


A light flickers.

The light of Hollow's Eve.
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