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Puzzle solving competition


AuthorPuzzle solving competition
This is a puzzle solving competition that i am organising.

rules are simple i post a puzzle , the first person to solve it ,and tell me the solution with the proper reasoning wins ,
answers to be given via PM, if the answer is wrong i will not tell you the correct one.

the problems will be based on reasoning and logic

the reward for each problem is 500 gold unless the pot is raised for some specific problem.

there is no entry fee

Problem #1

Cleo , Evans , Leone , Marion are related to each other

1. Cleo or Evans is Leone's only son.
2. Evans or Leone is Marion's sister.
3. Marion is Cleo's brother or only daughter.
4. One of the four is of the opposite sex from the other three.

Q: Who's sex is oppositefrom each of the three.

And yeah dont cheat or google (though i doubt you'd find the answer but , dont google anyway)
Please remember i need the reasoning behind your answer more than the answer itself that is what this is all about
We have a winner folks

Archmage Shawn sent the answer with the complete logic and reason for his answers

one thing worth mentioning is that

Sven91 solved the puzzle first though but his answer had a lose end, which he tied up real quick but in that gap archmage grabbed the crown

Anony mouse also sent the correct answer but it was after both Sven91 and Archmage

congratulations to Archmage Shawn , your reward awaits.
waiting for more :-)
well i am experimenting , and the thing is that i just dont know how to make a tic tac toe box out of symbols in the forums , i have the next problem ready as soon as i figure that out i'll post it right away :P

this would work:)
\/ | |
/\ | |
| _ |
||_| |
| |
| | \/
| | /\

hows this?
thats not how it was supposed to be
why does it ruin my spacing :(
anyways try using alt codes like ┼ and stuff like that

Maybe like this or else you can create a picture in paint and upload it to your photo album.
what's the question?
what's the question? comingsoon!
what's the question? comingsoon!

my thoughts precisely , i'm too lazy to complete that now so i'll do it tomorrow
Q:What door can't be open by 50 man pushing it..
A door which needs to be pulled :P
Or one which is already open :P
A door which needs to be pulled :P
Yeah! you got it right.. the door with 'Pull' sign on it
Thank you Sir Hulkson for keeping the entertainment going while i took a nap

though i am quite sure the answer is corridor i would not bet my my life on it :P

Here is the second puzzle

i hope that you all are familiar with the game of tic tac toe
but i will reiterate the rules just in case

1. The game is played in a 3X3 matrix

2. Each of the two player places his mark in one of the square usually X or O
the player who gets three marks in a row first (horizontally vertically or diagonally) wins

3. A player will place his or her mark in a line that already contains
(a) two of his or her own marks
(b) two of the opponent's marks
obviously giving a priority over b

this is the board from a game

who made the first move or who made the last move is not given

the question is as simple as it can get 3:)

Q : Who won?

once again the reasoning is more important than the answer, and answers without the reasoning will not be accepted and anyway if i hazard a guess there is a 50% chance that the guess is right so , reasoning it is 3:)

happy solving
Lord STB nailed it at 9:48

we have another winner :P

We have a "Do It Yourself" here :P

There is a 100 storey building, two crystal balls (identical)..
The balls break only when dropped from a particular storey and any floor above it.
it surely breaks when dropped from storey 100
a ball which is dropped from a storey and doesn't break is not damaged in any way.. can be used for another drop
A ball which breaks cannot be used again
You have my permission to break both balls :P (no dark humor)

Find the minimum no. of drops required to find this particular storey :P
Reasoning is important
Congratz Sven91 for the correct answer !! :)
Got answer from him at 15:06 :)
Several people gave answers which are close and along the right path... Keep it up guys :)

I won't post answer and solution just yet.. keep trying
come on people no more takers for the second challenge i expected better , only one answer from the whole community
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