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Guilt of Fleeing.

AuthorGuilt of Fleeing.
Hello everyone! :D
I hope this would be interesting for you, cause i had real fun writing it(or is it typing it?).
This is my contribution to the creative works forum.
It is my first take on writing(Typing) in LWM style, so please forgive me for my blunders :D

It all started when i was given a secret mission to help a friend, it was my first mission.
I was very eager to achieve success on it as it not only included a friend in need but also
an act of loyalty to solidify our friendship.

I had to travel away from home, to a new place- a new country maybe. But i was willing to do whatever it
took to get the mission done. I had even spent the very little gold i had to ensure my victory, But...
The mission is top secret so i'm not at the liberty to say, but i will tell you, we had to defend against
the Heartless, cold menace of the survilurgs.
Two friends and I were on the same team, and had to face an elf hero, a tribal warlord and a vile necromancer.

I had my loyal companions who i've never let down to help me.
The bond we had was inexplicable, they knew what to do even before my command
i knew how they felt as i've known them all my life.
Even if we didn't speak, we were in complete harmony.

I had to face a tribal Warlord, wielding a giant axe.
The embodiement of tyrany...Willing to even sacrifice his own companions to achieve power,
an act of slavery. I despised him, i had the earnest erge to kill him and set his
enslvaed companions free. The cause was loyal, and to do that i must defeat him in combat, but...

After the initial shower of arrows, and after the mindless charging of enemies, we knew the battle was easy.
The Rocs were the first to help me. They had a choice of either strategizing
or prey on the centaurs across the field. Of course it was best to Strategize,
But I had a feeling, a feeling that connected me. I felt the Rocs instincts and i knew what had to be done.
They streached their magical wings of brown and flew across the battle field. With one peck of their powerful beak
down went the centaurs- they won't hurt my friends anymore. But it was a sacrificing effort as the apparitions
knew not to hold back. Greiving over their loss, i had the thirst to avenge them.

The warlords who are know for their strategizing abilities, came charging forth high and mighty.
This was my chance, the Boar riders were eager to swing their hammer on the warlords head,
But alas the Grand masters killed my prey. It was an act of friendship- helping me, but i feel that it was not the best move.
My riders were waiting for my command, as they only had the weakened warlords to attack, i did the same, But...
They were not responding to my command. A nightmare for me, as i had never experienced this feeling.
My companions could'nt hear my words. I shouted at the height of my voice, but it was in vein.
This was something new, something sinister. It seemed not only my companions but my friends too could'nt hear me.
It was like the magical network of 'Ether', which 'Time' consists of, stopped flowing.
I had to break free of this sinister spell soon. I hoped that time would flow again. But...

It was painful, dying yet still living, as i watched one by one... My companions fleeing in fear.
The malicios spell, that i don't know who casted, cleaved the bond- the everlasting bond.
The whole world just stopped moving, or perhaps it was the time around me.

The spell finally faded off, after minutes that seemed like years to me.
The utter shock on looking at the battle field, made my heart to skip a beat.
The fight was an easy one, and we would have easily won, But neigh...we lost.
The sight of my friends, lying defeated in front of me- would have been better to die than watch that heartless butchering.

My face glows red like crystals, bloodshot eyes, nerves trying to break free and thrash someone.
It was good that the spell caster was not around, if he was...Then there would have been another casualty.

I was overcome by guilt.
It was not my fault they say, but i feel responsible.
It was bad luck they say, but i feel angry.
I wrote letters to my friends, but i feel it was insufficient.
I compensated them, but i still feel guilty.
I could'nt sleep at night, the guilt was too strong.
I let down my companions, how will i ever face them?
The mission was unsuccessful, How will i ever regain their trust?
If only i was'nt there, the mission would have been successful.

I longed for God to intervene, to blind me with his holy light. But it was not to be.
This guilt will live forever until the end of my life, or maybe even after, cause
Its not that i didn't give my full effort, its just that i could'nt...

The End.

Visual effects:
Reasons for writing:
I experienced a similar feeling of guilt during my board exams.
Came down with an illness and could'nt give my full effort in them.(Not to worry though, i think i did reasonably well :D)
And thus i decided to write something about my recent battle.

Copyrights and disclaimer:
The visual effects are not done by me, I have no rights to the work of LWM team.
If you feel that anything was stolen, please contact administrator, or give a pm to secratery.
The story was entirely my work, If you feel that anything was stolen, please contact JP_Alexander.

I longed for God to intervene, to blind me with his holy light.
This is a suggestion, when a player waits(afk) for 5 turns why not give them an effect similar to blinding?
They would'nt get their turn unless the player clicks a button(or some other mechanism).
This way, the other players won't feel delayed, and even if the player(afk'er) didn't come, his units will atleast serve as diversions.
Please ignore this if it has already been suggested.I longed for God to intervene, to blind me with his holy light.
Oh and forgot to put this,
This is just purely fictional, if anyone feels offended by this, please Forgive me (Though i think ther isn't anything offensive there).
And i Happily Lived Ever After!

this post enlightened me ur highness!

thanks for showering ur divine blessings o twin god! :D

awesome story bro!

u just gave me ideas to create a story of my own!

who knows worf might possibly make a new competition called story writing too! :D

Thankyou very much for reading Twinnie!
this post enlightened me ur highness!
I would have expected this story to do several things...but enlightened?? :D :D
you tell a heart touching tale my fair hero, but forget not that this spell of bbroken time is eternally upon us until the fourth genesis saves us :P (if you know what i mean)
Thanks for reading Igles!
I don't think the fourth genesis will help us(Or maybe it'd be too late by that time) :D
there are 4th gen towers being put up in my are idk maybe the 4th gen is just round the corner :P
new tiers are coming in!!!

lets wait and see what it is! ^_^
Very nice work. Good job JP
Thank you black! :)
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