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A CPB estimator for Shop arts and a Calculator for Smith and Enchant

AuthorA CPB estimator for Shop arts and a Calculator for Smith and Enchant
Hello! :)
I used some free time to make this spreadsheet which provides a try-out of all shop arts along with their stats and costs.
It also has a smithing and enchanting calculator which might be useful.
I know there is a Russian site out there with some easy to use tools, but i hope this helps in some way.

P.S. The light orange cells are the ones where you input details, the light grey cells give you the results.
Thankyou so much. It will help for sure. :)
Legendary :o
Updated the sheet with a battle damage calculator.
Fixed some errors in the Damage Calculator and Smith tool. They should now give you the correct values. Open for more feedback! :)
Made some changes to the CPB estimator. The old link isn't usable anymore, please use the new link. :)

New Link Posted.

Added a Castle Cost Estimator which helps you determine the castle cost (for individual levels and cumulative levels) for building a new faction.
Added a spell damage calculator which gives you the hero spell damage when you give the spell power as input.

Any feedback is appreciated! :)
You're a god! for Void_Moon:
for Void_Moon:
Void_Moon, very good job. Using it. Great. Thank you.
Thank you for using it! :)
May the moon shine upon you. ;)
*Moon reflect :)
Moon reflect
I'm an anomaly, I Shine ;)

New working Link:
closed by Void_Moon (2021-01-20 13:30:58)
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