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New spells

AuthorNew spells
Some of them are already in game, buy they can also be usefull to hero.

Holy Magic:
-Mitrh - gives 3 morale to a friendly unit
-Divine retribution - deals damage to a single unit, more to undead and demonic
-Resurection - name explained
-Light of the sun - reduces something (defence, speed, chance to hit an attack) for 1-2 turns to every enemy

Darkness magic:
Seducition - name explained
Intimidation - reduces morale of a stack
Dark energy - deals damage (single or AoE), but not to demons and undead.
Cursing touch - buff an ally unit. Every time it attacks, it also applies a lvl 1-3 darkness spell on advanced level.

Nature magic:
Summon storm - Stormcaller special ability
Swamp - reduced something (defence, speed, initivative) on a 3x3 area
Summon pheonix - homm5 magic
Natures gift - buff ally units to deal bonus earth elemental damage on next strike

Chaos magic:
Magma pools - fire wall type spell with much better damage
Armagedon - deals damage to everybody
Ocean wave - deals water damage like a griffin glide (2 rows) and knocks back units by 1 spot
Breaktrough - deals massive earth damage to one unit, flyer units are saved
Before adding new spells, admins would probably add the tier 5 spells from the game this one is modeled after (hommV) first. https://mightandmagic.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Magic_spells_(H5)

Err on the creative side, you can use these for inspiration at least.
They're probably never going to add more magic spells to the game. High level CGs are already imbalanced enough.
They'll never release magic guild level 5 unfortunately. I still remember the interview with Maxim (adm), where he announced MG5 for the first half of 2013. Now 10 years later imo it's proven that there won't be any more magic.
i will release the spells in march
If you have more ideas on how to make HK lategame playable, please share
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