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No more Cape of Spirits

AuthorNo more Cape of Spirits
Please Admins do something.

Factory has run out of Gold and there is no production possible.
Please Admins do something.

that's exactly what they did
Sulphur 1 373 279.65 / 72

The above status at the factory suggests there is a problem. 279.65 x 369 = 101391 gold tied up in sulfur (which should be just 26568). No inventory, no money and a whole lot of raw materials )))
just a thought... these kind of problems would not happen if the price of cape of spirits was just gold and no sulphur
#6 bingo,

this part resource payment thing is LOLable. Get on your lolerbike and ride!
Have it in yur Inventory , if admin is not online for a Year ... It could be rare as Cape of Flame! Sell for 50,000 Gold and Higher!
lol rare as cape of flame theres only 5 in game
and how do u know there is 5!?!?!?!?!
Sell for 50,000 Gold and Higher!

yea and no1 will buy it
its just increase +1 spell power

Sell for 50,000 Gold
Lol... No one buy...
it is about to be fixed shortly ;} my bro already got an answer of the notification.
Fixed, there is 150 000 gold on the balance :)
closed by Sven91 (2010-04-21 11:50:15)
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