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Cape of Spirits problem

AuthorCape of Spirits problem
I observe that Cape of Spirits facility is unprofitable. It started with 100k+ gold after 'end of supply' issue and rapidly looses its funds. Soon we'll have another absence of Capes.

I suspect that it is so because of low price:
Russian server: 3,715 gold, 1 sulphur
.Com server: 3,350 gold, 1 sulphur

Administration is to rise the price or this issue never end. New price must be greater that russian's at 10 gold to cover sulohur's price difference.
Production cost:
Magic powder (1):_2084
Leather (2):_______372(=186x2)+
hours (6):________1230(=205*6)+

+ 1 sulfur

Selling price:
3350 gold + 1 sulfur.

New Selling Price = 3687 (or more) gold + 1 sulfur
New Sulfur Buying price = 368 gold (=1 less than selling price in mine)

Note: I'm a Cape of Spirits user!
Sulphur price is negliable due to its use in price, it's never been bought by factory.
Actually when the factories where "zeroed" some time ago, it got a heap of sulfur.
A sulfur's buying price below production (or at least at the same level) would ensure a lower stock like steel in Blacksmith of might

In addition a sold cape return a sulfur to the user so this factory doesn't use the mine :(

Resell price for a cap:
durability 0/30: 1,787 gold + 1 wood + 1 sulfur
durability 0/29: 1,708 gold + 1 wood + 1 sulfur
I don't know the exact value for lower durability.
So the result is ONE: Need to fix this problem. Hope is only for (adm).

Speculator time's coming... I'm the one 8-D
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