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That's not true. I reached a new faction level. In the beginning it was bugged (said something like knight 0 39,17 +0,1), but when I did a hunt I became knight 1 and the points needed to the next level also were corrected :). So just do any battle and the bug will be gone.
its not bugged, its just the same as the exp after a tournament.
Its some +/- fsp, you do 1 battle and it is fine again.
ho took the Second anniversary luck pendant?
I :)

I think it was a not so bad choice, because my hunts are really hard and i dont wanted to be another faction for 1 day.

I ll wait 2 or 3 months, with 43 durability i ll find someone who will buy it for much money...
I don't know about that. There are a *lot* of illegal multis that took the Luck Pendant.

After all, an illegal multi has no need for FSP or a Licence.

However illegal multi networks are always in need of more gold........

Yes, but this multis have nearly always an low level, like 5 or 7, so they didnt get 42 durability.
Apart from people that have an estate (and can place this amulet in their throphy hall) I dont see any reason at all to buy this amulet (of luck with a little more durability and another icon).
I took amulet. FSP or hunting i could earn by sitting by computer. Amulet is memory, amulet is history. Only disadvantage is, it eats one slot in inventory... having full armor and hunter set with reserve items, then is there very few place for other items:-(
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