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problem with spirit link

Authorproblem with spirit link
even though i had a spirit link with vampires, my hero didn't get any mana... what's wrong ?
the battle is in the 12th survival tournament:
Admin did the same on .ru that you can't use spirit link with vampires in ST.
at least there should be something on the screen, that shows spirit link with the stack... eventually everytime i link vamps, the log acknowledges is: "Kancsika establish spirit link with vamps"... though nothing happens... this is a bug needs to be fixed, and mentioned at talent screen...
by the way necro is weak enough and dont need to weaken it further...
this tournament is ruined for necros because of this bug.
why doesn't anyone from support answers this post?
It isn`t a bug ,Maxim (adm) said on .ru:
1.Necros can`t use spirit link on Vampires
2.Speed of creatures increases by 1 every 10 turns ,like on hunts.
1. this is .com
2. there is no notification in talents, about game, vamps page about this change
3. no reason for it
Also, wizards have their mana recovery talent disabled.
Even if necros are weak, it is a battle against all other necros, so it doesn't matter.
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