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Sell Mithril longsword E10A10W10F10, 2/70 for 650k

AuthorSell Mithril longsword E10A10W10F10, 2/70 for 650k
Current Market Element Price

Meteorite Shard - 3200x30 =96000
Toadstool - 400x30 =12000
Windflower - 5500x30 =165000
Witch Bloom - 700x30 =21000
Ice Crystal - 5100x30 =153000
Fire Crystal - 3400x30 =102000
Tiger's Claw - 5500x30 =165000
Viper Venom - 1200x30 =36000
Mithril longsword =56000

total = =806000

Urgently, im selling this great enchanted weapon for 650k. it will save u about 150k - 20k repair cost and and alot of time which is needed to ench this great sword.
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