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Congratulations to All players


AuthorCongratulations to All players
We are celebrating arrow disappearance a bit too soon, as they are springing back again.

I guess it's time to repost a contribution from one of our best new mods: DEATHisNEAR.


I see Edwin got a ban for place 20x '=' in his arrow

at the same time Herwin put 22x '-' in his arrow but this is legal?
[ https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1877728 ]

It was asked previously how long an illegal arrow was but no one seems to know or is it Just Edwin's arrows which are illegal?

Or are ===> just more illegal than ----> ones?

what about ++++> arrows?

In the mean time I guess we need to work on:
====================> is illegal
----------------------> is legal
== == == == ==> is ???

* actual copied/pasted arrows from titles
** no arrows were harmed in the making of this message

(I'm sorry that I banned DEATHisNEAR for what I perceived as an abusive rule discussion back then, ban that was duly reported to Arctic. I'm sure DEATHisNEAR will be consistent enough with his past conduct not to ban me for bringing up this important point.)

Now that we're in May 2010 and soooo many things changed in moderation, I wonder what are new rules for arrow length.

I remember that, following DEATHisNEAR's vital questions regarding rules clarification over Arrow length, this topic had been created by Sven91:

But now the new team of mods seems unwilling to bump it, so I guess it's a new-rule-gone-obsolete already? Or not? Honestly, with so many mods appointed it should be surprising that no one is able to bump it once in a while. Some confirmation from higher powers would be much appreciated.

I need guidance. These questions have warped my fragile little mind.
off topic too much.

for the arrow thingy so called long string violation had been enforced on all sub forum.

case closed. dont bring it up again.
closed by Pang (2010-05-21 14:01:59)
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