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Yay got my gold back

AuthorYay got my gold back
For all those who thought that I could have got blocked in this affair then see my transfer log.
Lucky you.
I give you half-congratulations.
pretty amazing..lucky you
pretty amazing..lucky you
first time in history
Interesting...Empire never refunded the 1 gold she taxed you :)
Anyway, gratz.
1 gold is nothing in front of 98k. :)
first time in history

Nope, not the first.
show me then...
well yes second..
Admins are humans too, so they can make mistakes too :)
yup , but they did mend their mistakes
"And justice for all" (c) Metallica ;}
05-16-10 18:31: Received 98000 Gold from Empire : Reversal of the fee from 05-15-10 08:03

I thought their actions were undisscussable :)
And again Empire bows to the will of Zergolos!
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