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i sell artifacts of all kinds/pm me for lower price

Authori sell artifacts of all kinds/pm me for lower price
if i am online and u want any of that artifacts pm me and i will sent them to u in some mins for a decent price

/these prices may lower from time to time

light axe 25/25=900 (+2 att - 1 def)
steel blade 25/25=1700 (+2 att)
reprisal sword 40/40=4050 (+2 att +1 def)
sword of retibution 40/40=8100 (3att +1 def)
medal of bravery 25/25=1825 (+1 morale)
amulet of luck 25/25=3050 (+1 luck)
defenders shield 40/40=3555 (3 def)
hauberk 40/40=7200 (+3 def)
chain helmet 40/40=4850 (2 def)
leather helmet 25/25=2000 (1 def)
leather boots 25/25=2725 (1 def)
leather armor 25/25=950 (1def)
ring of inspiration 18/18=4800 (1 morale)
dagger of vengeance 30/30=2950 (1 att)(left hand)
wizzard cap 35/35=4925 (1 spellpower)
combat staff 40/40=9500 (1att 1spellpower)

prices may lower if u sent me the resources it need
eg combat staff costs 8125 if u sent me 3 wood and 2 crystal and others
also these arts

cape of spirits 30/30=3800 (1 spellpower)
hat of knowledge 25/25=5250 (1 knowledge)
Shoes of aspiration 40/40=7455 (Initiative +3%)
Ring of doubts 12/12=5825 (+1 luck -2 morale)
Ring of impetuosity 30/30=5975 (+2% initiative)
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