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what happens to a estate is the owner is block just wondering
has this situation occured yet
Good question...

To my knowledge this has not occured yet. I suppose the estate will still be there, as it is. Owner can't upgrade it or sell it, since he/she is blocked. It's possible that Empire will reclaim it, but I doubt that.
None of the estate holders are blocked, but there are a few of them inactive (last login still in 2009). So I guess the same thing happens when they get blocked: nothing.
But I think if the owner is blocked that you can still rent rooms, so it shouldnt be a problem.
it will be a shame if the estates dont go back to the empire it would be good if others had the opportunity to run one. but hopefully this will not be needed.
Empty they were 1M+, but if a player upgrades it and he gets blocked and Empire would put the estate on the market, then the price would be 2.5M+ for a fully upgraded one.
The result would be an estate that is on the market forever. If the blocked player stays the owner we can still rent rooms, when its on the market, you cant ....
I would think if empire chose to reclaim it, it would be released on the market for 0 gold and whoever bids most wins. It would be good if Empire gave 2 weeks notice or something similar so people could sell arts, elements, fight less and enrol more if they wish to, organise a consortium of players to buy it, etc.

I imagine a few people could get to at least 1.5m together. A consortium of rich players could aim to get it also.
organise a consortium of players to buy it

This wasnt allowed even during original auction.
wasnt allowed... but it did happen.... still unpunished.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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