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Clan problem..!

AuthorClan problem..!
hey i have made a clan
it cost me 30k gold as v know

so can anyone tell me when it will b complete
i mean i have made d clan
but cant access to it
and i have paid 30k already

plz tell me anyone what 2 do
there is written apllications
and my clan name
can anyone tell when it will complete ?
maybe more than 1 month
Are you making a clan for all your multis to join?
Admins aprove clans so none here can tell when. Can take months there is enough clans on this server anyway no need to create more :)
Clan are activated manually by an administration representative, just for basic verifications (like, there's no foul word in clan name, clan purpose is not political, etc.)

Since our admins are so busy creating new and exciting events on this server, or perhaps replying town hall meeting questions, you just have to wait. =)
closed by -Assasin_Hell- (2010-07-15 13:52:21)
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