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#580 Advocates of Empire

Author#580 Advocates of Empire
Welcome to "Advocates of Empire"!!!
This clan is for those who enjoy playing LORDSWM!

- active hunting and fighting with other members and receiving bonuses for that;
- provision and receiving services of leasing, repairing or enchanting artefacts;
- soon the clan will buy TGI;
- any kind of assistance for young players;
- monthly fighting tournaments with prizes among members of the clan;
- renting different artifacts from the clan's treasury

1. Follow the general game rules (https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5).
2. Don't join a battle if you are not sure that may play from the beginning to the end.
3. Even if you are loosing in a combat do not go AFK and fight with honour to the end.
4. Respect battle rules established by a player setting up the battle (ammunition points, combat partners, etc.).

The violation of at least one of the foregoing rules may result in your eviction from our clan. So, please respect yourselves and other members of "Advocates of Empire".

The invitation cost is 1000. There isn't any tax yet!
Inhabitants of Empire. Clan doors are opened for you
We welcome new clansmen!
09-13-10 07:02: anand09 has joined the clan.
09-11-10 12:43: PlayBoy0 has joined the clan.

We wait for you - soldiers of Empire Clan doors are opened for all comers.
Inhabitants of Empire. Clan doors are opened for you
[Post deleted by moderator DragonFlayer // ]
[Player banned by moderator DragonFlayer until 2010-09-17 13:23:46 // Clan forum rule 6.7 - warning - contact a recruter...]
Inhabitants of Empire. Clan doors are opened for you
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