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This Fool gave me her password in the the pm

AuthorThis Fool gave me her password in the the pm
[Post deleted by moderator DragonFlayer // do not post it for everyone to see...]
Date: 2010-09-04 12:32:05
From: TyRe
To: BumsenBarb

want to trade characters

this fool just ask me do i want to trade characters
[Post deleted by moderator DragonFlayer // masked swearing... insults...]
[Player banned by moderator DragonFlayer until 2010-09-05 13:29:15 // masked swearing... insults...]
U r 1
dont express ur quality
Or not what shall we call u?? Pro?? God?? Master??
Fool is the most suitable word for u
Re-send message to character secretary
Hahahaha the smart alec said a few foul languages and act smart butgo ban
It's good now cause she cant said anything as she is ban now. So let's talk about HER!! The bad things she had

1.Huge amount of illegal transfer with stupid description
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