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congrats Alyna! first level "16" :)

Authorcongrats Alyna! first level "16" :)
lets put our hands together for our very own Alyna, for being out very first level "16" congrats :D
what the ....!?
I guess with her amount of exp, she would be already level 16 at .ru
ofc,but alyna isn't woman,but man!
ofc,but alyna isn't woman,but man!

Female avatar is pretty much of a "her" to call her.
GRATTTZ i got a questoin

if lev 16 comes alyna is suddently lev 16?
for manufc21999r:
we dont have 15 yet,lol
dear sis.
Yeahh I think SHE will be suddenly level 16 ... :)
Gratz !
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