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evicted from clan

Authorevicted from clan
i was recruiter in seekers clan
clan says no taxes and no money will we taken after it
when treasurer asked more money from all i rejected and he kicked me out of clan.
not much but still my gold is wasted, is there any way to get back gold or complain ?
Yes there is a way.
Hire the best lawyer in your town and take him to the court. Maybe even the best one in your country. Be sure he is a member of the Legal Services Commission Specialist Fraud Panel!

I think you have pretty good chances of winning. I just hope you had some form of written agreement.

This is serius business, and you should react firm and with no mercy!

Go to court!
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Link to Clan "Seekers".


Topic moved from "Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles" to "Complaints and applications - Finance and others".
From clan description:
Currently this clan costs 800g to join, this is a benefit to our clan of 300g because it costs 500g to send an invitation to a player.
100gold to be any job in clan

3.27. It is forbidden to trade any positions within clans. Receipt of any in-game values in return for clan position distribution will be considered a violation. Both sides will be held responsible in case of a position sale.

The leader even admitted it to me in pm that he was trading clan positions for gold.

From clan description:
all plz give at least 1000 gold to donate our clan if every one does our clan will be rich and be military clan now who will donate 5000 gold will be the best clan member and everymonth he will get 100 gold one hunter art

It might not be stated clearly, but he does intend for the clan to militarize.

3.15.2. If the clan Leader is collecting gold do militarize his or her clan, then each member except additional characters may transfer funds for that purpose only once, rule 3.15. applies. While the clan is not yet militarized, the clan Leader must return the transferred funds to any user upon his or her first request. If one month passes since the first militarization payment and the clan still isn't militarized, the clan Leader must refund all players with their payments.

As long as the one month hasn't passed, then all's fine (regarding that infraction) but there isn't a date specified from which the clan began to collect gold to militarize. If a member of the Seekers clan is reading this, might want to mention that :)
i am not talking about donation which is asked
treasurer ben1000000(i dont remember number of zeros in his name) asked all recruiters to give him gold more than 1000. when i said him no he kicked me out of clan.
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will i get anything back or will they be punished?
they are punished
09-10-10 14:33: Player blocked. // Sherder, Siddharth98
ben1000000 is asking for gold and he evicted me
punish him
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