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TGI being rented

AuthorTGI being rented

11-27-09 09:33: Sold item: "Thief invitation" [1/1] for 380000 gold to Gosha as lot #1048148. Commission: 3800

11-26-09 22:03: Received item(s): 'Thief invitation' [1/1] from EROKEZ

11-26-09 22:03: Received 1 Gold from EROKEZ : return of the leased thieves invitations

So i guess we have two violaters here... the renter and the rentee
Check the year. 2009. Illegal only after 1.12.2009. Back then when renting was perfectly legal.

Back then when TGI price was about 350k-400k.

"16. Game Administration is not an instrument of vengence to your offender. Characters caught creating topics like "I think there’s something wrong here – check him!" to retaliate at someone will be banned."

"Characters posting false evidence or trying to slander someone are blocked with no right for unblock."


I would recommend thinking twice and reading the rules before reporting someone just for ambushing you and beating you.
Oh yeah i was looking at two transfers sheets, my bad.

Its random who i look at dude. I look at being while waiting for battles or sometimes when i meet someone in battles. Its not specific to anyone.

Considering the amount of postings i make I think you should know this?

I poste completely correctly so there is no slander or anything here.
Also this is my first "date" mistake... but i am aware that you follow my posts, so done worry i am 100 % honest about what i find.
No rule violations here. Make sure there is actually a rule violation before posting next time.
closed by Queen_Amanda (2010-09-17 20:57:38)
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