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#611 Empire Of Courage and Determination

Author#611 Empire Of Courage and Determination

>>>>>>>>Clan rules<<<<<<<<

1.Obey game rules.

2.Try not to be afk.

3.Respect clan mates.

4.Have Fun.

5.Players With more illegal transfers will be Evicted

Recruiter’s project:-
Those who are wish to be a recruiter, Mail to clan leader or recruiters.
Clan fee is 750. Recruiters are allowed to Keep 150 with you and transfer 600 to Clanleader.
Any Cheating in the recruiting will not be tolerated and will result in serious punishments.

Our Clan is developing now....we will have some events here...there is a idea in the clan administration that a clan will be in a good status only when there are events....

But these will be done only when our clan gets 50 Members....

Stay Thirsty Warriors....

Every player joining this clan becomes a recruiter. But every recruiter will have to recruit at least 2 players within a time period of 14 days to become a permanent recruiter.

Good Reasons to be here:
~~~To promote friendliness between all people.~~~
~~~To break down all negative emotions such as jealousy,envy,anger etc.~~~
~~~To be friendly with all people no matter their level~~~
- Respect From Levels Both Above You And Below You
- A Way To Make Fast Gold via Recruiting
- A Way to Make Friends, And Get Players That Will Help In Assisted Hunts
- Nice Looking Avatars From Avatar Makers
- Loans
- Weapon Renting Services
- No Tax
- If Your Account Was Been Blocked, You Will Be Evicted In The Clan

Donations are accepted - for every 100 gold you donate you get 1 point.
For recruiting 1 person you get 5 points

All Recruiters, Heralds, Chroniclers please follow and do your duty well - your positions are very important. For recruiters don't evict anyone without telling me and you must be able to provide proof. Heralds please don't spam messages type only important or good ones.

(they must not contain insults)(if you got a joke and you're not a chronicler,ask a chronicler to post your joke,tell them your joke first,each joke lasts one day.)

(same rules as jokes corner.Monthly or weekly compete..We will sponsor prizes)(the rule that is each joke last one day ain't counted here in the riddles)

But these will be done only when our clan gets 50 Members....

Ally Clans:
#546 Hunting Lords

Enemy Clans:


Duelling championships
Inter-clan battles
Weekly and Monthly Carnivals

Clan Loan Available To clan People after getting 100 members. Contact clan leader and give him reasons for loaning.

For more info contact either the Leader or CO-Leader.

Clan ranks and rewards will soon be planned

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ARTIFACTS FOR RENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

steel curiass :120 gold/battle
cape of winds :70 gold/battle
cape of spirits :60 gold/battle
leather boots :50 gold/battle
steel boots :130 gold/battle
ring of inspiration :120 gold/battle
our clan is growing fast and only 150 players can join our clan. so join quickly and show us your courage and determination.
[Player banned by moderator Barbarian-Fishy until 2010-09-18 20:02:37 // 1 bump every 24 hours in clan forum.]
Join the community where courageous warriors meet.
more fun is going to start guys....
join fast...

if u wanna join and post something in the clan page plz pm us...
we love to help u....

For GKH better hand your clan over to somebody that will look after it otherwise it will be lost for ever when you are blocked:)

Don't worry you can register again and play fair this time and you might be able to get it back after all:))))
[Player banned by moderator Queen_Amanda until 2010-09-23 12:18:38 // off topic. Provocation. Relapse]
[Post deleted by moderator DragonFlayer // begging for gold...]
[Player banned by moderator DragonFlayer until 2010-09-22 10:41:20 // begging... warning...]
can i have 5000 gold

dont ask like this in forum..... if u want private mail them...
for ur safety....
pls help my send my 15k pls ay promes send back
this is poor.... i told treasureking ... then y banning?
pls help my send my 15k pls ay promes send back

dont ask like this in forum friend.... private mailing is the right way....
for ur safety....
locked....going off the path....
closed by -_NO--NAME_- (2010-09-23 17:55:44)
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