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#468 World Of Light And Shadow


Author#468 World Of Light And Shadow
~~~ The goal of our clan:-

*Is bring light and darkness together, and
*To make lordswm a better place with clean, honest players.
*To make lordswm a happier place and a gaming world for people to enjoy.

Good Reasons:
~~~To promote friendliness between all people.~~~
~~~To break down all negative emotions such as jealousy,envy,anger etc.~~~
~~~To be friendly with all people no matter their level~~~

~~~ Joining Requirements:

* You must be level 5 or higher;
* You must agree to follow all rules of the clan as outlined below;
* Be an active player

And don't forget to have fun :)

~~~ Membership Cost:

World Of Light And Shadow membership cost 1000 gold. The 1000 gold must be transferred to Leader from now on due to rules change in the game. New rules are now written by Arctic

To register, transfer membership fee to any of our recruiters with "World Of Light And Shadow Membership". You will then receive an invition to our clan whenever our recruiters are on.
The invite will appear in the bottom right corner of your character page.
~~~ SERVICES ~~~

* Celtic (repairs 10%) pricing can be discussed later
* China_blue99 - (90% repair efficiency with 110% repair cost for clanmate.)
* Brilliant-(Repair: 90% efficiency; Repair fee: 110% of the default repair cost)
* kakiasmeni - repair with 40% Pay only 30 % repairing cost
*Misself=Amour Enchants Guide (per 1%):
Decrease attack of charging stack: Abrasive, Moonstone
Earth Magic Sheild: Meteorite Shard
Fire Magic Sheild: Fire Crystal
Water Magic Sheild: Ice Crystal
Air Magic Sheild: Windflower

Jewellery Enchants (per 1%)
Nature Magic Enchants: Wind Flower + Tigers Claw
Fire Magic Enchants: Fire Crystal + Abrasive
Water Magic Enchants: Ice Crytal + Witch Bloom
Air Magic Enchants: Wind Flower + Meteorite Shard
Earth Magic Enchants: Meteorite Shard + Tigers Claw

Wepon Enchants (per 1%)
Ignore Targets Defence: Moonstone + Abrasive
Fire Magic: Fire Crystal + Tigers Claw
Water Magic: Ice Crystal + Viper Venom
Air Magic: Wind Flower + Witch Bloom
Earth Magic: Meteorite Shard + Toadstool

Dionysus-repair 90% for 110% cost for clan.

* Celtic (enchants 1%) pricing can be discussed later
*Divit-He sends back 1500 for every 2% enchantment

Ishan Renting Master Hunter Set

Initiative set:
If you choose 2 x Master Hunter Ring of flight, Master Hunter Bone helmet and Master Hunter Boots the price will be 1500 gold/battle

Defensive set:
If you choose 2 x Master Hunter Ring of dexterity,Master Hunter Helmet and Master Hunter Jackboots the price will be 1900 gold battle

Mixed set:1800 gold/battle

Arkapal_11 Renting Art Services:
Sword Of Might, steel boots,Steel cuirass,Steel helmet,Dragon shield,Signet ring of might, mithril staff, amulet of luck, defender shield etc.For prices contact Arkapal_11 or Desigirl.
More items will be added soon

Anything you wanna sell?Just PM the Leader or the CO-Leaders for it,or the croniclers then either of us would put the item down.Then the person who wants to buy it will PM the seller.For the chroniclers, just put it up yourself.

Clan Loan Available To all People. Contact me and give me reasons for loaning.


Duelling championships
Inter-clan battles

For more information pls visit this page https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=7468
or contact either the Leader or CO-Leader.
Welcome to our newest member

A level 12 necro:)
Welcome survive and samlee.
Welcome to Fire-Soul
welcome to Robai:)

he offers the following to our clan:D

REPAIR service:
60% repair efficiency for 45% of repair cost

ENCHANTING services:
Weaponsmith 4x10%: FREE for all
Armorer 4x8%: 1100 gold back per element (for clan members)
JewelCrafter 4x8%: 1100 gold per element (for clan members)
Contact either me or one of the recruiters to join the clan...
Welcome neilc,Hewrin, lords_rules, cyberlord and-_NO--NAME_-
Welcome manufc21999r

Level 9 Darkelf;)
Join us... we are an active community and love to help others!
Check out our clan services:)
Welcome to saksham-4 and ElfPride ;)
Welcome to sidewinderelf :)
Welcome to leggy!
Contact either me or one of the recruiters to join the clan...

* Robai 4x12% - (550 gold back per element for clanmates)
Join us! we are a lively community and happy to help you!

if you decide to join then please send me 1000 gold and I shall send you the invitaion ASAP
Take a look at what our clan has to offer!
Welcome to chaerul, WanTTed, Demolishing_Elf and jorekiski
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