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The Lost World

AuthorThe Lost World
This is a story I have already finished, but I hope u like it:

The Lost World

One day in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Mark and his best friend, Sam, were playing soccer after school. “Say, do you want to try playing goalie war today at my house?” asked Sam.
Mark look puzzled. “What’s that?”
“Goalie war is where two people choose different nets and take turns shooting at each other from the 18-yard line,” Sam explained.
“Sounds great, but let me go home and change my clothes first.”
When Mark arrived at Sam’s house, his friend had arranged every thing already. All he needed to do was go around back.
“Move around. Get warmed up,” instructed Sam.
“All right,” said Mark. Sam kicked the ball. Mark tried to block it, but the ball sped through his outstretched fingers.
Suddenly, an explosion tore the netting, and the ball sailed into the explosion and disintegrated. A blast of air hit Mark and threw him backwards.
“Ow!” yelped Mark, staggering to his feet. A multi-colored gem about the size of a soccer ball lay in the remains of the net on the ground.
“Sam!” Mark yelled. “Come here.”
“What was that?” Sam wondered.
“I don’t know. I think that gem is dangerous,” said Mark, recovering from the shock.
“Let’s go check it out,” suggested Sam. Mark slowly walked toward the gem and picked it up. “Wow,” gasped Sam, “may I hold it?”
“Sure.” As soon as Sam touched the gem while Mark was still holding it, the gem disappeared. A blast of light blinded Mark, and he was unaware of what was happening for the next few moments.
When Mark could see again, he found that his hands were stuck to the gem so that he couldn’t let go, and flying through a tunnel lit up so brightly that it took a few minutes for his eyes to fully adjust. Mark tried to figure out what had happened. An explosion . . . a gem . . . light.
“Sam!” Mark yelled, still blinded by the light.
“There’s no need to yell so loudly,” said a familiar voice beside him.
His friend gradually came into focus. “What happened?” asked Sam.
“I don’t know. All I know is that we’re in a tunnel of light with to the gem while speeding along really fast,” answered Mark.
Mark felt the gem suddenly start to free fall through the air.
“Ahh!” screamed Sam.
When the gem landed, Mark was thrown off into a wall of rock. The force of the hit knocked the air out of him. All around him was total darkness. “Where am I?” Mark tried to explore the . . . cave? From what he stumbled upon and felt, the cave apparently had stone tools, weapons, tables, and chairs.
“Sam, are you in here?” whispered Mark.
“I’m over here by the tall cabinet,” replied Sam. Mark ran over and was relieved to find his friend.
“Why weren’t you calling me?” asked Mark.
“I thought you weren’t here or else unconscious. I was too scared to even try, and when I heard you stumbling around, I thought you were an enemy until I heard your voice.”
“Ok,” replied Mark. “Let’s try to find a way out. There’s a tiny dot of light over there. It might lead outside.” Mark walked slowly toward the light. Suddenly, another dot of light appeared.
“Sam! Did you see that?” whispered Mark. There was no reply. “Sam!” yelled Mark, “Sam!” Suddenly, a large hand grasped his waist and lifted him into the air.
“Put me down!” yelled Mark.
“Quiet!” grunted a low voice. Torches lining the walls flickered on. Mark finally got to see who his captor was. The creature holding him was about eight feet tall with giant arms, sharp teeth, and a pair of large wings that rested on its back. “I am Seknr, leader of the Rell,” said the monster
“What are you going to do with us?” Mark demanded, squirming in Seknr’s grasp.
“Only boil you and eat you!” laughed Seknr.
“What are WE going to do?” wondered Mark. Suddenly, an arrow whizzed by and embedded itself in Seknr’s head.
“Argh!” The troll dropped Mark and Sam. A second later, heavily armed warriors rushed at the Rell. The winged trolls picked up axes and curved scimitars
and flew at the warriors, but only to be stopped by a cloud of arrows. The Rell dropped to the ground, dead.
“Are you all right?” asked the man who appeared to be the leader of the warriors.
“A little shocked, but ok for the most part,” replied Mark.
“Ok, I was just checking,” said the warrior.
“Where are we?” asked Mark.
“For starters, my name is Rithbom. You are in one of the Rell’s many underground caves,” answered the captain.
“Why are you here?” inquired Mark.
“We were ordered by the king to drive out the Rell from this kingdom,” said Rithbom.
“Where’s the exit?” asked Mark.
“Follow me,” replied Rithbom. Mark and Sam followed him through a well-disguised door. Rithbom led them and the warriors outside into a large forest. Mark blinked at the brightness of the light.
“So, tell me, how did you get here?” asked Rithbom.
Mark told him what happened, beginning with the explosion in Sam’s backyard to discovering Seknr and the Rell.
“Interesting story,” remarked Rithbom, “Now, it’s time to meet my father, the king of Stoneface Kingdom.
As they rounded a corner in the path, a jeweled carriage came into view. Ten guards surrounded the carriage while two men on horseback were stationed at the front and rear. Two servants opened the carriage doors as they approached. An elderly man of about sixty stepped out.
“Hello, Father,” said Rithbom.
“Did you manage to drive the Rell out of their main cave?” asked the king.
“Yes. All it took was a little surprise attack,” answered Rithbom.
“I see you brought some company,” said the king.
“Yes. We rescued them from Seknr. This is Mark and Sam.”
The king responded, “Hello. My name is King Liathel.”
“Father, these two boys were held by Seknr, and they didn’t panic, like most citizens would,” said Rithbom. Liathel stared at them in wonder.
“Did you know that the weakest, smallest Rell can kill the strongest warrior in single combat?” asked Liathel.
“No,” answered Mark.
“Did you know that there is a prophecy that says:
When two boys face Seknr,
They will not cower.
They shall find the legend flower
And take it back to the great tower.”
Liathel turned toward the boys. “Maybe you are the rightful owners of this kingdom, and therefore your quest is to find the Lost Treasure. Take two swords, but use them only in times of need.” Liathel handed them the swords and a map showing where the treasure might be. Liathel got back in the carriage and it started going away. Rithbom got on his horse and rode after the carriage.
The map led them, after some time, to a dark and dingy cave. Torches were hung every few yards along walls. Mark took one off its perch and started walking down the cave tunnel. Soon he saw a soft glow up ahead and shortly after came upon a small open chest, filled with gold coins and jewels and topped with a slightly glowing flower.
“There’s a note. Let’s read it,” said Mark.
Sam agreed. Mark picked up the note and unfolded it. The paper crackled in his fingers as he read: Congratulations! You have found the lost treasure, but first sign this note if you understand that the real treasure is friendship and loyalty. Once you’ve signed, you can take the chest without dying and live forever in peace. Sign here _________________________.
Mark signed and picked up the chest of jewels and handed it to Sam. As he walked out of the cave, he came face to face with ten nine-foot-tall Rell. “Oh no!” screamed Sam.
They both drew their swords. Where’s Rithbom when you need him? thought Mark.
It was dark in the private chambers of Stoneface Castle, as Rithbom, the king, the Earl of Legros, and ten other important lords trudged along to the secret throne room. Water dripped on the hard stone floor, keeping a rhythmic beat as they walked down the secret tunnel. The king silenced waved his hand for silence. The council had begun.
After several hours with no agreement, Rithbom interrupted the meeting. “Father, Mark and Sam haven’t come back yet
from the Quest, so we shouldn’t take full action against the Rell without a full treasury. Besides, they have a new leader now.”
“They are getting to be a very big threat with that new leader. We need to take them down. Four villages plundered in two weeks! Do you know the name of this new leader?” inquired King Liathel.
“My spies have reported overhearing ‘…you are the son of Seknr! You should be a better leader and warlord…’ ” answered Rithbom, “but, no, I do not know the name of this new leader. We can call him Seknr II.”
As the meeting ended, Liathel summoned Rithbom to his side. In a low whisper, Liathel told Rithbom to take two thousand men and cavalry to attack the Rell’s only castle, Rock Castle. Rithbom immediately mustered the forces he needed and rode out into the dark forest.
A day later, Captain Agravaine asked, “Rithbom, do you know where this castle is?”
“Yes, but it is far away in the more desolate lands of Stoneface Kingdom,” answered Rithbom. Roars suddenly sounded outside the camp. “Rell!” a man shouted. Rithbom tore open the tent flap. There were ten abnormally sized Rell at the edge of the camp. Five of them had bags on their backs. The rest carried battle-axes or swords.
‘Everyone form ranks!” commanded Rithbom. “Spearmen in the front, archers in the back.” A muffled cry of “Help” came from one of the bags. “Don’t hurt the bags!” Rithbom shouted. “I think Mark and Sam are in two of them the treasure in the others!”
“Mark and Sam?” asked Captain Agravaine in awe. “The boys of the Quest?”
“Yes, and we don’t have time to discuss them right now,” said Rithbom.
As the men scrambled into their positions, a deep and powerful horn rang out in the giant trees of the forest. Rithbom took a deep breath, as he always did before a battle, and looked up at the skies. Hundreds of giant Rell were flying over the camp, aiming bows and arrows down at them into the camp. Most of his men now had at least minor arrow wounds, and many were dead. More Rell burst from the trees as the ones above landed behind the camp. It was time to fight back.
“Fire!” shouted Captain Agravaine. Very few of the surviving archers were able to let loose the arrows. However, when the Rell started howling in anguish at their wounds, Rithbom’s men charged. Rithbom was in the thick of the fighting as a Rell swung a huge halberd at his neck. He ducked and stabbed the Rell in the chest. Blood spurted from the wound. No matter how many he killed, more took their place. His men were falling all around him.
“Retreat!” yelled Rithbom. Only a small amount of his men were able to run away. Rithbom watched them go and turned around to run, whereupon something hit the back of his head hard. The last thing he saw was the hard, cold ground rushing up to meet him, and then the world went black.
Rithbom woke to the sound of grunts and roars. He was with ten Rellish guards which were half dragging him along a tunnel lit by pale yellow lanterns. They emerged into a large courtyard full of Rell. The largest Rell of all was sitting on a throne. This has to be the new leader of the Rell, thought Rithbom. The Rell led him up a couple of stairs and tied his hands to a wooden post. For some strange reason, Rithbom was very anxious about meeting the infamous Rell king. The king got up and walked over to Rithbom. “You will have not much longer to live. I must kill you now that you have seen Rock Castle with your own eyes,” the king said in rough Stonefacish.
“How?” asked Rithbom, nervous of how he should die.
“You shall be executed…”
The king was cut off by the sound of fierce war cries. A surprised roar burst from his mouth as fifty cavalry rode into the courtyard, with King Liathel in the lead. “Guards!” he shouted.
“Don’t waste your breath; I’ve killed them. It is your turn to be captured now,” said King Liathel mockingly.
“I am ruined! You will come to regret this!” the king shouted as he was dragged away by five m
“Rithbom, come; we must get away from this horrid place,” Liathel said.
“Wait, Father! I want to ask the former Rellish king a question,” said Rithbom.
“Which dungeon are Mark and Sam in and where did you put the treasure?” Rithbom asked.
“The boys are in the last dungeon on the right, and the treasure is in a small treasure room on the same level,” the former king answered reluctantly.
Rithbom dashed down the steps into the dungeons and all the way to the end of the tunnel. “Mark!” he shouted, elated to see that they were still alive.
“Roth- Litho- Rithbom! I forgot your name,” said Mark sheepishly.
Mark woke Sam up, who was a heavy sleeper. “Huh?” Sam said groggily.
“Wake up! Rithbom’s here!” Mark said to Sam.
“Yeah!” said Sam sleepily.
“I need to get you out. You can sleep at the castle,” said Rithbom.
He drew the sword he had gotten from King Liathel before going down into the dungeons and started hacking at the metal bars. They gave way under his great blows. “Come on,” said Rithbom, as soon as he had hacked a large enough hole in the cell door.
They started walking down the corridor towards the treasure room, and Mark began telling his and Sam’s story. “I guess it’s all fine,” he finished, “as long as we stay like this without being captured again.” When they had retrieved the treasure, they went back to King Liathel, who had news for them.
“I just learned from a scared Rellish soldier that the Rell have planned to attack our castle sometime tomorrow,” he said gravely. “We must be prepared.”
Mark and Sam went with Liathel to the tallest tower in Stoneface Castle. There, they found a slot that the flower fit perfectly in. “I guess its power will happen sometime later,” said Liathel, “For now, lets prepare for the battle.”
The attack did not come unexpectedly because Liathel suspected that the Rell would fly in under cover of night. He was not mistaken, and he and his archers were prepared. As the Rell landed and started running towards the castle. Liathel raised his hand to give the order to rain arrows down upon the attackers.
“Fire!” he shouted. The archers loosed their death missiles at the Rell again and again. Liathel readied the cavalry. A horn sounded, signaling the charge.
“Charge!” shouted Liathel. The cavalry, consisting of five hundred thousand, hardened veterans, thundered out of the castle gates. Suddenly, the Rell parted suddenly and one hundred huge trolls about twenty feet tall carrying clubs and axes attacked the cavalry. Horses and men were flung high in the air, only to land on top of their comrades. Liathel had downed a troll with his lance, and was dueling another with his sword.
The troll swung its club at him, but missed. The club was so huge it continued and swung the troll down on top of Liathel. He sprang clear of his horse just as it was crushed by the massive troll. Liathel jumped up on the troll and stabbed it. He looked around him to see how the battle was going and if there were any trolls or Rell about to attack him. The sheer numbers of the cavalry had been too much for the trolls. All the massive beasts were dead, and the cavalry were already attacking the Rell. A Rellish pikeman ran up to Liathel and jabbed at him with a long spear. Liathel drew his dagger and threw it at the monster, mortally wounding it. Liathel looked up and saw Rithbom running towards him with the Liathel’s requested number of infantry. Suddenly, white light blasted from the tower in which the flower was in. All the Rell fell down, dead. “Victory!” shouted Liathel. At last, his people could have peace for many years to come.
After the battle, Mark and Sam were brought from the fortified rooms in which they were staying during the battle to a private chamber with King Liathel and Rithbom. Inside was the gem that had taken them to this strange world. “The battle for Stoneface Kingdom is over, and it is time you went back to your own world,” said Liathel.
“You’re ri
“You’re right,” replied Mark, “it is time for us to go.”
“I’ll miss you, Rithbom,” said Sam sadly.
“And me you,” Rithbom answered.
“Well, you know how to get back,” said Liathel.
“Ok. Good-bye,” Mark replied.
And with that said, Mark and Sam lifted the gem. Again, they were transported back into the tunnel of light and back to Sam’s yard. When they arrived, they were surprised to see that Sam’s soccer ball was intact again, the net was fixed, and no time had seemed to pass. “That was a strange adventure,” remarked Mark to Sam.
“Yeah, but I wouldn’t care to do it again,” replied Sam.
“Well, let’s just continue our lives and hope for the best.” said Mark.
“Maybe we should go back sometime. After all, we are heroes,” Sam said.

When two boys face Seknr,
They will not cower.
They shall find the legend flower
And take it back to the great tower.

It's a bit long, but I think it's good.
They will not cower.
They shall find the legend flower
And take it back to the great tower.

lol it rhymes :) on purpose? or coincidence?
Purpose. I stink at poetry, though. I am more for the adventure/medieval theme. I am starting on Lost World 2, which I will do in implements (little by litte) and a new story which doesn't have a title but I think is very good.
great story Mojocat :)
thnx =)
he has been blocked...
but his story was great ~!
This is mojocat from a friend's account. I was blocked when they found out that I had done some transfers with "multi characters" when I didn't know the rules. The only multis I broke the rules with were Mojocat2 and Skeletal_Lord. The rest didn't care about their accounts so they helped me out with the stuff that they had earned for things in real life because I liked the game so much. I made 3 new accounts if you want to know and please spread the word that I DID NOT KNOW THE RULES WHEN I BROKE THEM AND I WOULD LIKE TO COME BACK AND I HAVE TOLD MANY PEOPLE AND EVERYONE SAID THAT IT WAS FINE AND THEN SOMEONE COMES ALONG AND DECIDES TO BLOCK ME FOR THINGS THAT I DID 2 YRS AGO!!! AND EVEN THAT GUY WHO SENT ME 300,000 GOLD ISN'T MY MULTI!!!

Caps lock is NOT your friend....

Look at me. I broke rules long ago when i didn't know it was illegal. I thought I was just being clever. ^^ I got blocked. You know what I did? I learned from my mistake and started over. I suggest you do the same.
yuo know my lvl4 was blocked earlier because me and my freind shared accoutn and he starated doing wrong and I was to blame
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