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oh my god

Authoroh my god
hello guys,

i got a penalty of 5000 gold!! and they wrote me i may not answer the message....

i answered though, coz i want know why i got penalty and no one answer me!!!!

this is really not fair!!

need help pls.

[Player banned by moderator Straws until 2010-10-14 15:30:00 // Improper title; Send your query to character "Insults".]
read the text you writed some stuff on pm taht you shouldnt..
yes but i cant see, and i want know which message it is....maybe it was a joke, or maybe he insulted me first or went afk or something.....

i am always nice and i want get back my 5000 gold, i worked lots for it :((((
closed by Lady Straws (2010-10-14 18:29:23)
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