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whats wrong with Mercenaries' guild ??

Authorwhats wrong with Mercenaries' guild ??
sometimes when i finished the mission on time
and came back to yellow lake they told me
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Sorry, the Guild has no quests for you right now
where is the gift :(?
sorry for bad english
that sometimes happens to me too - i figured it was due to lag. You still get the gold tho right?
they gave me nothing -_-
It happens if you click the link twice or refresh the page too quickly before seeing it or something. The page first loads while you're lagging, then it loads again, but the message was already shown on the page you did not see because you reloaded the page. It's nothing wrong with the Mercenaries' guild. It could happen on any page that shows a message only when it's first loaded.
yeah that was right
iv got ice crystal
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