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Crazy Limerick Fun

AuthorCrazy Limerick Fun
I was doing some homework, and decided to make a limerick about the element I had to study! Have fun and make some limericks!

Sulfur is one bad smelling gas,
It comes out in wind that you pass,
The wind is a fart,
But it's not very smart,
To let off a loud one in class.
GREAT work!
okok here's a poem about you:

there once was a poet named rapid
whose rhyme was exceptionally vapid
he opened with a verse
quite fluffy and terse
and the words strung together just clattered
a proofed version:

there once was a poet named rapid
whose rhyme was exceedingly vapid
he opened with verse
quite fluffy and terse
and his words, strung together just clattered
This is a very good game
that has an unwieldy name
the admins don't care
no time will they spare
and we all think they are really quite lame

Stay thirsty my friends
Disclaimer: any resemblance of this limerick with any thing in the game is purely intentional so blame me!
i play this game since ever
when will i level up(its never)
i am bankrupt
and the system is corrupt
so what should i do
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