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is update coming?

Authoris update coming?
Artic is online now...
did you kept up a page on Arctic all that time, just to say he is online now ?
previous thread was made...now we are just waiting for the updates :) they are not far
i'm psychic, i know what the next thread will say after the update :)
hey how do you guys know the next update is near? cause ive heard all of this before but no updates happened...
arctic should but me up on admins place i could make reeealy cool dmg to this game:p
I have total faith that Arctic will not go back on his words.

I personally hope the updates will come later. The rational is simple really. - We all know he's doing all the updates himself, with little chance that any of the Russian admins is helping him. Let's say he can translate/do/modify 1 update every 2 days. If he gives us update in a week, that would mean we are only getting 2-3 updates, out of the many, many updates that's possibly available to us. If he takes 1 month and then give us the updates, we can expect many many more.

Besides, the mere fact that he's here and promised us updates should be appreciated by one and all. Anything before X'Mas/New Year is a bonus.

Kindly stop asking in the forums when the updates are coming already. It's just putting unnecessary 'pressure' on the guy. It's not gonna speed up the process, and it achieve absolutely nothing.
i'm psychic, i know what the next thread will say after the update :)
there will be more than one thread ..))
I bet it does happen )
there is ur update
Keep all update talk in the one thread.
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