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Grand Update 2

AuthorGrand Update 2
Events: The Empress has fallen ill to a mysterious sickness. It lasts for several months already and has a dreadful influence on both population and nature of the land. The Empress feels well on the day and calls a council eager to heed the news about Her Empire. The council suggests her to take part in the Empire's life immediately, benefiting of Her current well-being, and propose changes necessary in view of the blight.

Interesting facts: Kh'Everst notices something that he thinks others should have noticed as well: the Empress influences certain fibers of Her surroundings with her mood and state. Kh'Everst does not fully understand the nature of this influence, as well as the fact why he is alone in his observation.

Updates: Even the short version is rather long. For those who do not need all the details, an even shorter TL;DR is available in red font.

Part 1. Roleplaying and Guilds.

1) Introduced Combat level 15.
Introduced faction skill levels 10 through 12.
Those who have enough experience to get to level 15 immediately need to take part in any combat, you are advised to re-recruit creatures after leveling.

2) New guild levels added to expand the experience tables.
- Laborers' guild, Hunters' guild and Theives' guild now count 12 levels each;
- Mercenaries' guild now counts 10 levels;
- Enchanters' guild now counts 5 levels, branches of the guild expanded to level 11. All enchantments now can have a maximum effect of 12%.
- Smiths' guild now counts 9 levels.

3) Enchanters who have reached guild level 4 (7000 guild points) are now able to set an extra (fifth) enchantment on any artifact that already has 4. In order to do so, besides other elements required for the normal enchantment, exactly 10 Fern flower elements are required. This element is a random reward for completing mercenaries' guild errands since guild level 5.

4) All piercing effects of Jewelcrafters' enchantments have been tripled.

5) Smiths who have reached guild level 9 now can repair and enchant artifacts at the same time.
Enchanters who have reached guild level 9 now can enchant and repair.

6) The workaholic penalty is now completely relieved only in case if the lord receives at least 0.5 skill points in the victorious combat. Otherwise, only a fraction of the penalty is relieved, proportional to the FSP received.

7) Laborers' guild coefficients for guild levels have been recalibrated.

8) The new hunting set called the Beastbane set is now available. Artifacts of this set drop at successful hunts since Hunters' guild level 6.

9) Introduced a new guild: Commanders' guild. Any lords of combat level 9 and above are required to take a trial to be able to join the guild. It is accessable via the Battles page, and as the dropdown menu list item. The guild specializes in PvP combats (i.e. Player versus Player).
The guild points are called Commander points. These points are only received by victorious party in guild combats.

Guild combats are of three main types: Standard (Shop artifacts only. Enchantments allowed, but have no effect); Standard-enchanted (Shop artifacts only with enchantment threshold); and Free-for-all (no ammunition restrictions). Each type has its AP and enchantment restrictions.
Guild combats start once every 15 minutes, though a challenge can be created and joined during the first 12 minutes, whereas it can only be joined during the last 3. A challenge that has not been filled in full is dismissed and the combat does not take place.
Only lords of the same combat level can take part in any given guild combat.
Commander points are received by the winning party according to combat type:

   Combatants Type 1x1  2x2  3x3 

All guild battle participants receive 20% more faction skill points than in a similar usual group battle.
Any set of combatants is only able to take part in a guild combat once a day.

The guild has not yet established an experience table. The deputy declared that 150 commander points are required to reach Commanders' guild level 1. It is known at this point, that each new level will grant an item crafted specifically for guild champions, one of a set of 12. Each even guild level will grant a skill point for optional distribution. In addition, victorious parties will have a chance to loot the defeated lords' artifacts as soon as they reach guild level 1. (The looted item is a replica of the one worn by the defeated lord, with low durability and without transfer option. The defeated party keeps their own artifacts). Each new guild level increases this chance.

10) New creatures, including tier 6 upgrades and other exotic ones, are now available at hunt, mercenary quests and survival tournaments. Thief guild caravans also feature upgraded tier 6 creatures from now on.

11) New tutorial quests given by the Gatekeeper are now available to newcomers.
The reward for reaching combat level 5 has been raised.

Part 2. Factions and Balance.

1) Tier 6 upgraded creature constructions are now available at castles. Currently, only diamond upgrade is available at combat level 15. In future, combat level 16 will unlock the upgrade for gold and resources.

2) Tier 3 creature construction cost has been reduced.

3) New artifacts for combat level 1 lords added to the shop.

4) New potion for restoring troops ready and mana added to the shop.

5) Magic Guild level 4 is now available for construction in castles since combat level 14.

6) Spell area for negative effect mass spells has been changed to 5x5 battlefield tiles. Mass poison still has a 3x3 tiles spell area.

7) Dispersion mechanics changed. Instead of having a removal chance, it now reduces the duration of positive and negative spells and effects (down to reducing them to instant expiration in case of sufficient spell effect).
The effect is calculated as:
[Effect] = [Spell base chance] - 3 * ( [Caster SP] - [Disperser SP] )
where [Caster SP] is the Spell power of the Lord or tier of the Creature who cast the spell or effect;
[Disperser SP] is one of the Lord or creature who disperses it.

Part 3. Economy and Gameplay.

1) Diamond repository has been discovered and opened for laborers of the Empire for mining and faceting. This extremely luxurious resource will be on sale in the Repository at a rate of 15,000 gold per diamond.

2) Clan registration cost has been increased

3) Roulette now has minimal combat level requirements for different bet size.

4) The following commissions will be assessed from now on:
- 1% of the gold value for any direct transfers for the transfering party;
- 1% of the gold value for any transfers with attached price for the accepting party.

5) There will be certain new bonus rewards for Survival tournament top scorers which include:
- 10 HG points to the 1st prize winner;
- 8 HG points to the 2nd;
- 7 HG points to the 3d
- 5 HG points to all those landing in the top 10% scorers excluding the top three.
The bonus points cannot exceed 15 HG points per character at any given tournament.

Part 4. Easter Eggs.

Even more updates have been added, which we decided not to have listed to let you discover yourself. I hope some of them will be a pleasant surprise for you.
Thanks for reading and
Happy gaming!
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