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unfair with barb


Authorunfair with barb
see above combat and tell that i have any chance to win in any case whatever i do
both of us have nearly same ap or i think exact same ap same longbow same swd
well i think we should atleast something to par it up... ( i am a barb btw lol ) i mean even we may not be able to negative in resistance, there's still the troubles with mainly DE's and other factions.

Something should come up in my opinion
Barbarian beat the knight.

Anyway, if you need advice, use the barbarian faction topic. Last one is obsolete, you can create a new one.

Also, Jedi's faction level is 7. :)
see fight i mentioned above both of us have "SAME AP" and nearly same "FSP"
see both thing
and that knight was a nooob
he has put recriuts in front while knight should always put swd in front + barb atk was much high than knight and knight had poor talents and defence
i want to know when 2 equal accounts fight as shown above and main thing is knight shouldnot be noob
give me same fight just i will change talents and recruiting and then face me with knight account and let that barb has more ap then me i dont care(i mean same ap as in above fight)
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