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Σ enchantments in CG

AuthorΣ enchantments in CG
I saw a few players were asking about the meaning of the points of Σ enchantments in CG. Then I did a few test with my enchanted arts. Here is my understanding that I would like to share.

For lvl 15, one of the requirement for SE in CG is Σ enchantments at leas 48. I used 4 of my enchanted arts as testing (I am wearing them right now):
Penumbral ring [A5F5]
Locket of crystallized tears [A6F6]
Steel boots [E7A7F7]
Steel cuirass [E7]

If I wear all of them, I meet the requirement of enchantment
If I take off any one, I am disqualified.

so I guess the enchantment requirement points are simply the sum of the numbers in the enchanted arts:
5+5+6+6+7+7+7+7=50 > 48

Please correct me if I am wrong.
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