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repair weapons

Authorrepair weapons
who will repair his weapons with high cost
and low Durability ??
why its expensive ?
sorry for bad english
i am waiting
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There's a whole forum-section for Smith and enchanting-services: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_thread.php?id=121 in case you're looking for a good smith.

Secondly, a normal un-enchanted weapon is rarely repaired. It's more economical to sell them and buy a new one. (Except if you find a smith that offers special services.)

If you have a fully enchanted item, or a special event-weapon, thief-equipment or rare hunter-arts it is quite obvious why you'd want to repair it though.
Some repairs are worth it cause the smith will repair more percentage than he is demanding as a price from you. So all that matters is the ratio of what you pay and what you get as durability.
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