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Ok so you can buy diamonds for 15000 gold
WHy can you only sell them for 2500 gold

It doesn't make sense
If you are buying diamonds for gold, you should be using them for something other than converting back into gold.

I.E. - you should be using your gold purchased diamonds for upgrades, or TG entry, or similar. Converting them back into gold is just senseless.

Have Fun

yes but if you buy them and then want the gold again how do you sell them can you put them in the market or what
common sense

let say you bought a car for $20000..the next time you sell could you sell it at the same price?

Got cha!:D
for moro88: good point man I will take that as an answer
but still you should be able to sell them for slightly more because are you telling me that a car drops 84.33% of its value once it is bought
Why would you want to convert them back?

I'd guess that the Admins made the assumption that people would only buy Diamonds with Gold when they had a use for those diamonds.

If you don't intend to use the Diamonds you purchase, then simply don;t purchase them. You can always turn your Gold into Diamonds at a later date.

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