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avoid undead

Authoravoid undead
Is it possible to avoid the undead? I keep logging in to take part in the tournament then having to fight the undead and missing the entry time. I'm also worried once I get over the experience to level from the tournament I might be forced to level early when I have to fight the undead so is there any way to avoid them?
You just need to lose the fight, like thay, no experience, so no level up

you ..just don't enter the tourney for a while..every hope that undead come to them..but you wan avoid them LOL

btw wear full art wait undead..your art's will not loss durability while fighting undead ONLY
Wait, RicOZ! I'll swap you for them. Please can I have your ones? Mine are hiding... too scared of me... ;-)
The undead come to ambush at xx:43h. So, if you are offline at that time, you won't get ambushed. The admission times for the tourny are from :00 to :10 and from :30 to :40. So just log in at :50 or later and go off again at :30 or so (if you didn't join in the tourny then yet).
Remember (https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1891064):
Soon, Arctic the Herald stood on the Square proclaiming the mission:
To Arms, for Her Majesty and all our Empire!"

Pfff....Is this how you plan to defend your Realm? Your priority: is there any way to avoid them?

Next you will be plotting with the enemy!... will be watching you!... ;P
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