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I have searched the forum through and didn't find an answer for following question.

There is a range picture in Arctic's photogalery.

For crossbowman with range 6 there are tiles in distance 7 he can shoot with full damage. How come?
Where is your reference that this happened? IT may be that the person doing it had one of the arts equipped that increases range?
1) The range indicated in that picture is 6 instead of 7.
2) Within these six tiles he shoots full damage, like any archer in his range.
3) The red indicate the aera where precise shot is active.
Unlike movement range, shooting range obeys the distance formula.
From "About the game"
This creature can deal ranged damage. When the distance to a target is larger than 6 tiles, the target only takes half the normal damage."

The distance to a tile that is "5up 3right" from the crossbowmen is 7, but is coloured as full damage.
the picture from Arctic is correct

Blue color mean you deal 100% dmg..if outside the blue color tile..you deal 50% dmg

red color mean aimshot(ignore defense)

nothing wrong there
= 5.83

Thus not larger than 6 tiles.

Y= where your archer stand..

X= tiles

Y DOESNT count in as 1 tile because you standing on it..

the ability said that shoot within 6 tiles..thats right..the 6 tiles mean X that i told you
Thanks Straws - so the distance for range is calculated different way (Euclidean metric) than distance for movement. Good to know.

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