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Closest/Dumbest victories, for fun. :)

AuthorClosest/Dumbest victories, for fun. :)
I am sure there is another topic on this but I had to dig up an old one..

I was lucky to be playing with 2 excellent barbs here..

Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Off-game forum".
what is this battle?A mercenary quest,a hunt,...?
Apologies for posting in the wrong forum...:(

Please don't ban me. Twas an honest mistake....

It seemed kind of "general" and not "off topic" but I guess I need to read all the rules more carefully next time...

This was when all us heroes cleared out the Ridge of Hope from the dragons and built a Pier and a lighthouse..

Battling the undead reminded me of this. These events are actually my favorite part of this game and I wish we had more..

I would also like to build something else so i can be rid of my salt and marble..etc..;)
Well, today's example


TG ambush (min AP vs min AP) without any opponent's move. Elfs are eared cheaters! :)

all opponents afk...most boring battle ever
Most stupid lol, these were all in 1 day!
I admit i'm not a master tactician but I was having a real off day here. Damn neutrals!

vang of elves

vang of necros

vang of elves later the same day!

A day I wan't to forget for sure. Cost me a good amount of cash too!
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