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I have a friend who has won a mercenery quest as well as a meteorite shard. Is it legal if he transfers me his meteorite shard and his shield for me to enchant it
i can't help but wonder why he wants a shield enchanted when you have such a low level in that type of enchanting.. however, if he is paying for the enchantment as a service and of course you send him back the finished product i believe its legal
Also, make sure you are on different IPs. You can't have any transfers between eachother if you play from the same place.

Other than that, of course you can enchant items for your friend, provided there's no substantial monetary differences between the transfers.
Thanx, P-S he wanted me to enchant it because he didnt buy blacksmith
closed by yoshyegg (2010-11-02 05:20:04)
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