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ayush cheated me

Authorayush cheated me
i am sumajuman .. ayush 2 was my good friend he got block
so i gave my pass to him now he change my pass and email and put me in black list in my own account s pls help me ..
wen was ur id hacked?
1.Why did you tell him your account?Accounts are not meant to be told to others..Resulting, Hacking.

2.Someone please move this to 'Complaints-Finance and Others'
he did not hatch it i told him
You think other people are cheating, how about yourself?

Sry for bumping.
i think that hell god is saying true because in a battle i did today of everyone for oneself
that sumajuman came into my game and said dat hi macro
do u remember me?
i m ayush2
and i am quite sure that ayush can do dat as he was very silly and irritating type of a person
he was block his id was ayush2 ...

what can i do now pls tell me how can i get my id back ....
what can i do now pls tell me how can i get my id back ....
There's nothing else you can do since you told him your password...This can be a lesson to all us lordswm players not to give others our passwords.This may result to this.
i dont i made ligl trasfer again after i got blocked but now i want my account to back or i want to blocked....
even all his accoun too perman1234,Shibu3 ,
u can block all my account too sumajuman,_hell_god1000
look what he wrote in my account in what about me

i am a teen boy from India my age is 14 so would be intrest to make you my friend if your age is 14 and you are fro India

i like ben 10 Alien force cartoon the most

and also for my old friend anyone know me i am Ayush2 my ayush2 id is blocked but i am now between
my friends :)
u have prove that its ayush who changed the pass and email so i want my own account blocked
and MacroFlighter i see him figth
and i think hes cool so i added hm to my frends list so that why ayush send him all those message ...
I know that Ayush2 is hacking your account but what can admins to about it?
The only thing possible that admins can do is to block that account.
hey he must have changed the pass so u go to ur alternative id u entered during registration and see what is your password that he changed
Wait..I can help you solve your problem..
He said that he changed your pass only and not email right...Since its only 2day he can possibly change both at the same time.

I suggest to go into your email account and i think lordswm will send you the pass that he changed to your email. That way, you can save your account. Be sure to change your pass as soon as you are in your acc.
1. It is against the rules to give your password to anyone.
2. Admins can't get your account back. All they can do is block all the accounts that aren't following the rules.
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "Complaints and applications - Finance and others".
hey reyron i gave the same idea
hey sorry for double post but i am macroflighters bro and i gave him the idea that he wrote
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