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Tournament cg points

AuthorTournament cg points
Are we supposed to get cg points after each battle we win in the tournament or just at the end of the whole tournament?
after each battle
I didn't get them on the end of combat :(
Same here...
Yeah I didn't so I thought I might have read it wrong.
Same here. No CG points awarded at the end of the battle. I have beaten the trial already and have 1.5 CG points from a previous battle.
Actually in the announcement https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1892196 it says:

winners of all Tournament combats will be awarded Commander points, not all winners of a Tournament combat.
Like I said in the other topic: You have to win all your battles to get 7 CG points? This can't be real...
Well, if there's no CG point after a win here, then the admins made some changes to the Mix tourney from a few weeks back. I'm pretty sure I got 1.5 CG point for every win I got, as announced by Arctic in the "Technical upgrade and Tournament" Official announcements thread -

We would like to invite you to participate in the 2nd Mixed tournament to maximize the readiness of your gameplay skills in the wake of a greater occurrence in the nearest future.
In all tournament battles, all members of the winning party who have successfully passed the Commanders' Guild trial will receive 1.5 guild points each. Rumour has it that the Empire has prepared considerable prizes for this particular tournament.

So can't understand why the winners of each battle is not getting the CG points now, unless...
I think its just bug and will be fixed soon.
This is not a mixed tournament. I think that just the lord that achieve all 20 victories will be rewarded with some nice amount of CG points.
Thanks for the problem solving. Now after each victory you will recieve 1 CG point. Previous points have beed added.
closed by Arctic (2010-11-09 09:22:57)
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