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3rd Minor tournament [lvl12]


Author3rd Minor tournament [lvl12]
So, 12th levels you are welcom to post here your results, impression, predictions etc...

I have 3/3, 2 necros and 1 barb defeated so far.
Who knows the best player at our level?
motrun come on-line ,i ll finish for today:))
10\14 not much but i play for fsp
11\15 nice
Haven't meet anyone without a loss yet...

Anyone have?
skarbonke my best friend is 19/20. sure win... and as usual, mass holy knight... its way too over powered for duels..... admin should change it......
Holy knight is not good against Demons , De and Wizards.It's hard to kill shrews and cerbs with low attack and if they attack instant they kill almost half of my army.

Anyway im still not happy with my result when i know i could beat that demon if not lucky hits at great time.

Good luck to everyone at this tournament.

Cheers, Skarbonke.
I wouldn't say it's overpowered. As Scarbonke said, Demons , De and Wizards are a problem for him. I faced him as might DE, and I made mistakes - I moved with mino (instead of waiting) just before his rapided guard played, so he moved twice then and get to hit mino first. I also could have killed 25-35 guards with lizz, but blocked them with hydra. It's just that I played that battle like a noob. Many players could have beaten him, but Skarbonke just played better. That's all and that's why he has this results. Gratz mate ;-)
By the way, not many players realize, that holy knight have to start attacking before their bonus end. I will not say more, I don't want to make them angry :-P
DE kills knight and wiz. but against elfes i don't stand a chance. you just can't fight luck. maybe I should change. no need to think. just wait for the luck factor to happen :(
Smaskir, I have exactly the same opinion on elves. You can't imagine, how gladly I killed one with darkness build (confusion etc.). But sadly, that doesn't work against most other factions.
I do not know how demon can win holy knight :(
Probably I am just newbie demon :(
two battles against holy knights and two defeats.
It is too late for advices for me but how?
I just saw once when demon was concentrated in archery and first shoot with luck and a couple more lucky hit helped him win.
Any other ways?
Take no misstress , take tactic and attack with all units instant.Till he have no buffs. Win for sure.

P.S Misstress are good too if you attack fast him , because he cant do evasion. So Misstress help a lot with luck or something.
that is a good one, but I would work only for knight. you can't know for sure that next opponent in tournament will be holy knight.
I tried rush in last battle but probably just did not have enough experience in dueling on my level as demon.
Well, honestly saying as a Holy Knight, I dont cast Evasion at all against Demon until much later. ;)
I do not know how demon can win holy knight :(
Actually...holy knight is easiest type of knight for demon :)
20 matches. 11 won and 9 lost.

Fraction won/lost
barb 1/1
Wiz 4/0
Demon 1/3
DE 2/1
Knight 2/0
Elf 1/3
Necro 0/1

I want more wiz and knights :(
Ah well, I blew my chance of a top 3 finish. Today just isn't my day. From 1 lost overall during the weekdays, I now have 3 more losses in the last 7 with terrible match ups...

So who says Magic Knight owned this tourney? :-)
Well I would still say good result if you did 16/20 Prolly not a winner but better than many of us others :D

- Ciran
Finished 14/20. Just really unlucky with my final 10 matches, having only lost once in the first 10.

I guess all those who beat me learnt how to do so from Skarbonke's battle logs. :P
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