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result 3d Minor Tournament

Authorresult 3d Minor Tournament
woooho .
lvl 8 - me 17 wins - 3rd place.
lvl 9 - 20 wins - 1 place.
Congratz Mihail...:)
i started with 12 victories-1 defeat.

i should have made 19-1 or 18-2 score, but i had terrible bad luck :(

1st terrible bad luck: against a necromancer.
hero attack the big stack of apparitions just before mino slodiers.
hit/miss counter is at 0 and i'm hopping for a miss...it's a hit : 50% chances(if it was a miss, i would have been sure to hit at least 1 time with minos)
then minos soldiers attack and miss : 50% chances
then apparitions retals with luck : 10% chances (he had luck 1)
then mino soldiers deals their 2nd attack and miss: 50% chances.
50%*50%*10%*50%= 1.25% chances of taking maximal damages and kill 0 appas...and that's what happened :(
it was very close at the end: 12 appas and 25 skeletal bowmen left.
only 6-7 appas killed by minos at the 2nd strike after the lucky retaliation would have been enough to win...

i had 98.75% chances to win this battle and i managed to lose it :(

i lost an elf with terrible bad luck too:
sprites move close to shrews, they should be killed before being able to move again, but their morale triggers (20% chances), they play before shrews and they kill 10 shrews+ 1 dark witch.
they block dark witches (preventing them to shoot elven bowmen, and allowing elven bowmen to kill more shrews)
this morale of sprites cost me 15 shrews, 1dark witch, and save life of 6-7 GMB...
without it it would have been an easy victory, it turned the battle into a close battle.

later in the game, i was still in good way to win.
the EFK stack reached my minos, they should have attacked them 1 time before mino's turn, and then suffer high losses with double strike of remaining minos.
but here again, morale (still 20%) and a 2nd attack on minos killed my hopes.

the most funny is that my oppent complained about morale of my own units because it triggered 4 times for me and only 2 for him (but i had 0 morale on 1st turns of my 4 stacks of shrews, and then i had nearly useless morale with tiny stacks of 2-3 remaining shrews while he had morale on his 2 most dangerous stacks)

20% chances of morale for sprites, 20% for EFK. if only one of these morale don't triggers, i win.
20%*20%=4% chances of defeat, 96% chances of victory...and i lost :(

i should never have lost these 2 battles against the elf and the necromancer.
for my 2 other defeats (an other elf and a barbarian) i was not really lucky too, but it was not such an injustice (the elf could have been defeated with a bit more luck, the barbarian, i don't think)
my score should be 19-1 with luck, 18-2 without luck...instead it's 16-4 :(
but i have bronze medal, it's better than nothing.
same boat as me. i also won 12... the rest... against opponents that had huge faction skill in necro too, making me deal 20% less damage to them..... impossible for a faction 8 necro to beat a faction 8 DE with faction 6 necro.

and the necro that won 3rd place level 12, well, im a necro too and i have much worse stats than him but i beat him... so he was lucky he faced all the easy opponents although he lost to me the better necro.
That's irrelevant. I have won 19 matches and lost to guy who was beaten by players I have beaten. It's all about setup and which faction is facing which. I made some stupid moves but would lost to him even If i haven't made them. He had arts and setup that killed mine. I had luck with other opponents tho, but that's life.
I had fun all the time even when loosing and that's what makes me play this game ...
for Karsot

welcome to the club unlucky :)
Karsot, the Necro thing: Experienced DEs already know that it's not his luck - it's a rule. I can say this - I tried about 5 charges with lizz on appa and not one was hit (of course there wasn't 2 misses before that). Then the battle was always lost. I think I attacked appa with mino about 10 times and as far as I remember, just one first attack was hit, than appa retals and what is left from mino misses in another 70% of cases. Many times I wanted to go through my combat log, watch every battle with Necro and check that - but firstly I am too lazy to do that, and second I know how things are, so why. And finally - when I want to take miss with hero, he hits about 80%!!! I am normal man which doesn't like to complain about combats, but this Necro thing is just unbelievable.
I know Mega will read this :-) so I must admit I recall one succesfull charge with lizz. But no more.
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