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2nd Minor Tournament

Author2nd Minor Tournament
I'm confused.
I just find out that i'm not in the top 100 even i have 19 winnings and only one defeat. i should be on the top 3-4 but i'm not. Anyone has any ideea why it happened ? Could be because until i was finished the 2nd Minor Tournament i have join 25th Survival Tournament and then i finished the second minor? I't really a bizarre. Could be a bug?

I guess you were looking at the wrong level.
huuuh. Thanks :)) that's grate. I have look to 2nd Minor Tournament and this was 2nd Minor Tournament... those are the old tournamentes available on Batteles - Tournamente.
Any way i'm happy. How much gold do i get?
You are probably looking at the wrong tournament. 2nd minor tournament was 6 months ago.
ok. i understand. Has any one any ideea about how much money do i get?
4) Main prize on each level is split into 50%, 30% and 20% and distributed between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
5) Incentive prize is split equally between top 10% participants.

Main: 364,000
Incentive: 256,000

182000 plus 32000.
Incentive: 256,000 / 16 in TOP 10% = 16000

182k+16k = 198 000.
Hmm, and since there are two 1st places, the main price should be halved too, right?
So only 107 000 for you Mario. Only.. :-)
Indeed you're correct. Math didn't fail me as much as basic perception did.

91k from the shared first place, and 16k from the incentive part, totalling 107k gold.
:) 107k it's ok, 198k would be gorgeous, to bad that i loose stupidly one battle ....cause i would be the only one on the 1st place.
107k still is a lot a gold, so i'm happy
thanks all
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