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sprites VS forest keeper

Authorsprites VS forest keeper
which one is better,. shall I upgrade and get sprites or stick to forest keeper?
For Hunts, sprites are best at split attacking and running away from the hunts whereas forest keepers are good in GB as it has high morale and high dmg but does not obtain the 'split attack' effect.
If you do a lot of hunts... go for sprites...they will win you hunts like FK never could...
You are better upgrade the sprites couse they are really usefull and you need them at high levels too

why u all duplicating topics ??
You can use sprites well in PvP as well, at least on early levels. Basic Offense+Battle Fury-talents and they deal 50% more damage ;) And they're also easy to raise with magic and so on, so don't be afraid of trying them.
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