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Pls how do I use the Elf mana/magic and what does it do. each time i go on duel, I have my mana available but cant use it, an someone tell me how to use it or what is it for if it cant be use pls.
Elf,knight and demon can use magic only after lvl5 after building magic school lvl 1. You don't have any spells now.
You can't use any spells once u have bought 'Magic Guild Level 1' when you're lvl 5. That goes the same for knight and demon.
There is only 1 way u can do now .. reset ur stats using potion of oblivion, put all of them on attack .. :) and level 5, add 1 mana only .. and build magic guild u can use bless on ur elvens bowmen .. :)
closed by Arctic (2010-11-18 05:17:23)
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