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[lvl 10] Commanders Guild

Author[lvl 10] Commanders Guild
there allmost alwais no cg battles but there are a lot of lv 10 people who want to play.

i suggest to make shedule of battles.
i can play in evenings all types of cg battles.

please post here players who wish to play cg
i can play in evenings all types of cg battles too.
I can play few times, starting usually from 13.15 of this server's time :)
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Tournaments".
Okay, from now on I wont't play in CGs anymore. Since I can't find any other factions but Wizards playing there, goodbye PvP.
in 1v1 is only wizrd in 3v3 there is also nec, demon, dark elf and 1 elf we try this weekend
ok. ill be this evening
So retarded <.< When I play against normal build which always loses to Wiz, I get Wizards. Then, when I try build with Magic Protection and so on, I meet Demons...
Correction to last post: When I play with a normal build...
Stupid forum, no edit. button ... z.z...
yeah. me too allwais get wizards
If making a guild wouldn't cost so much, I'd start organization called as ''Wizard Slaughter''. In that guild everyone would get 100gold reward from killing a Wizard in CG-duel. And from winning Kira (without she afks) I'd give 200gold... Then I'd laugh in the corner and watch how Wizards'd disappear from this game....
Full arts battle costs ~1500 gold, and you offer 100 gold???

Make that 1000 and I'll join it!
Naviron, you're a Wizard, you're the one who should be eliminated >:)
Can I do harakiri and receive the 1000 gold ????
for velniukstis:
for Penguinmaniac:

LOL you are both anti-magic setups!... ;)
little do you know you'r facing each-other (again)
I was prepared for that, but we couldn't fight. System doesn't allow me to play against same player twice I guess :P

I already lost once to kira today, and so to velniukstis :P
Navirooon? Wouldn't you like to join to PvP :D?
Sure I will. Though not when *you* want to (and have 40% magic reduction!), but when I want to and you least expect ;))
It'd actually be quite interesting battle.
Think about you using Magic Mirror vs. Me with my 40% Protection.
If I'd cast a spell, would it turn to your magic (it'd be affected by Magic Protection), or would it be my spell which would cut down my own protection :O?

Anyways, from this day on, I'll start hunting Wizards..

Beware all human-blood Wizards, you should never have touched to the original art of Dark Elves >:O
i have beaten kira without afk
give me prize :)
for velniukstis:

First of all, she afked in troop settlement.
And on 2nd, the Group hasn't been made yet :P
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