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Dwarven Mines and the Mist forest.

AuthorDwarven Mines and the Mist forest.
The story to this..

A group of scouts were sent,by the empire to survey the earlier venomancer ridden verdant dell,they were asked to collect samples and comeback via silenthill,since it was also near,new species might be found there.

the scouts steadily exit the gates of verant dell,and head towards silent hill throught the jungles of Mist forest (between the 2),the whole place was shrouded with mist and fear,but the scouts walked fearlessly,suddenly one of the scouts screamed "HELP !!" and disapeared same happened with the 4 of the others,only one was left,with his sword drawn out screaming into the forest "Come out you coward ,come out i am gonna slice your damned head of" screaming fearlessly he took a stp back and fell into a trench,he was reunited with other scouts,the whole place was lit up to with the shine of gold.
Suddenly marching was heard,and a group of dwarves came out-
the commander of the dwarves zandolf said "who shallth darth enter the cavern of dwarves and dwarvens! "
the scouts replied,"It is we,Scouts of the royal capital of her majest EMpire"
dwarves screamed "ATTACK ! ON TRESSPASSERS"
there began a fierce battle,the scouts won,but they knew more would be on the way,they quickly took a glance and prepared a report,using a rope they climbed out and headed towards the capital,and entered the palace.

There they say the commander of the allied forces D'ArLex,and the second in command Strawsiam who was a girl of fierce powers,and on the throne the mighty,her highness Empire.
The scouts covered with blood,quickly huffing and puffing,opened their report and explained everything they said-

SCOUTS:Your majesty upon returning from verdant dell,we fell into a deep trench which was filled with the aroma of silks and the shine of gold,and had almost umptene redources of almost every material on earth.

Empire:D'ArLex look into the matter and report to me,this gold must be retreived at all costs.

D'ArLex:Yes Your Majesty it shall be looked after.

D'ArLex:So scouts wat did you see there.

Scouts:We were entering silent hill through the Mist forest when we fell into a trench,It had dwarves armed with swords,spiked balls,and maces.
they fought against us thinking we were to seal their gold,we defeaed them al though but we quickly came out.

D'Arlex:Ok,I will send some spies there,give me the locations

Scouts:37 degrees north and 62 degress South cutting throught theruby on the Highest building tower of the palace.


after an Hour

ENTER:Spy Commander DarthEcro

DarthEcro:We have made a discovery in the caves sire.

D'Arlex : Whats that ?

DarthEcro:Dogs sir.

D'Arles: Dogs,we dont have time for jokes commander.


D'Arlex: Hell Hounds ,well call Xarriros the demon commander,he has power to surpress almost every demon creature.

DarthEcro:Sir,Hell hounds or for tht fact,any creature of any faction does not have,Razor shrap claws like behemoths,Spiked Tails like lizard assailents,Wings like Jade dragons,Swords like genies,Undead like skills like Apparitions,and dog features.Its body is like a do with all these features.

To be Continued
Sorry for writing in double i ran ou of ideas.


DarthEcro:Sir,these dogs are 100 in total one deployed in each mine,they have special abilities,those ing gold mines have a shine of gold that blinds the enemy for a turn,thos in ore mines have abilities that turn them to stone for a turn,those who are in saw mill miines turn their enemy into wood and put them on fire,for a turn inflicitng 20 damage,gem mine,dogs have sharp gems on their bodies,if omeone hits them the attacker suffers damage as well,sulphur dune dogs for instance throw sulohur onto the ground,which makes it slippery and hot,so it restricts movement for 2 turns.

to vanquish one we need one army presicely of 2 or 3 lords,to each dog,together we will have a large army.

D'ArLex:What are we waiting for,assemble all faction leaders NOW !

end of chapter 1
you posted the same thing again ?!
ur some dumb person,but anyways,good job
Chapter 2-

The warriors continue treading into the forests and hills,along with D'Arlex,

assembled,Faction leaders at East Bay=

more coming,i need to think a bit.
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