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group battle with a friend?


Authorgroup battle with a friend?

extremal great idea

great ideas. :)
+1. I also need this to battle with a lvl 5 friend.
Superb idea :)
had been wanting this fair battle for ages !!
(btw, this was suggested several times long ago)
set combat for clan battle only so ap griefer dont join

AP setup would be very nice in GB! i hate to lose against expensive artifacts if my discription says: "MIN AP!". if u want to do a high cost battle, then join CG!
+100 i really like this idea
for QueenC: on. Why would this be staged battle if we can fight with our friends fairly? In that case, even with the current rules, we can have same number of staged battles.

Again a +1 to this marvelous idea.
This would be interesting. I would love to watch as different leveled teammates have to use themselves to make a winning combination. It'd take a lot of planning though.
+1 for sure ! :D

Mixed Levels Group Battles and CG will be great !!
+1 :)
+ 1 This is well needed, I really enjoyed playing fair multi-level group battles in a tourny a long time ago
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