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[ Avatar Service ] [ By xms ]

Author[ Avatar Service ] [ By xms ]
Avatar Making Service ( AMS ) by xms

I can create a avatar for u just like me
PM me for more details

My price are reasonable

For simple avatar with name - 500-800
For simple moving avatar with name - 1000-2000
Advanced avatar with name including lightning and other effects - 2500-3000
Advanced moving avatar with name including lightning and other special effects - 3500-4500

Note : Price differ in quality

So place ur orders now .....

for every 3 avatars u get 30% discount
If i am not wrong, this should be in the Miscellaneous section
dont ruin it
it is in right section...
as miscelleneos is for nvitations, potions, elements, etc. u can read

for xms:
As post 2 correctly said, this should go to the Trade-Misc. section.

Refer https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1893610

Advertising of any game-related content and game-related services is allowed here. For example, you can post your threads on designing clan websites, game-related wallpapers, game-related avatars/signatures, and so on. Players are forbidden to advertise anything not related to this game here.

However, please follow the example thread header, eg:
[Service][Design of avatars (and/or) signatures][5-10k gold coins]
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