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[Sell][Clan #348 Einherjar Rising][100000]

Author[Sell][Clan #348 Einherjar Rising][100000]
you re no longer allowed to sell clans.
Only free of charge
3.27.1. Clan ownership can be passed to another character free of charge only. Clan treasury must be transferred to the new leader and deposited in full to the clan treasury (except paid commission). In case of Military clan it can only be transferred after consulting the new candidate for leadership with the clan members. Such consulting must be held in the "Clans" section of the forum.
This rule was introduced on November, 10, 2010. [GGRs]


1. This forum section is designated for the following:
- trading Thieves' Guild Invitations (TGIs), trading elements of the Mercenaries' guild (MG), trading real estates and potions;
- providing in-game or/and game-related services. [LRs]
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